Face the Facts: 1:1 with François Nars

Next year, NARS will celebrate 20 years as a leading innovator in both cosmetics and skincare. The man behind all the makeup magic, François Nars, shares his respected POV on beauty with us.

BEAUTY 24/7: How do you define beauty?
FRANÇOIS NARS: Character and personality are the most important things when it comes to beauty. Confidence is the most glamorous thing to me.

When did you know you’d found success in the beauty industry?
Knowing that I started something that didn’t exist at the time. I created NARS because I knew what I, as a makeup artist, wanted to use. What we brought to the market was a very special product.


The modern face of summer: NARS Summer Shock

What’s the one product you can’t live without?
The Multiple! For someone on the run, the Multiple is the best product to use. I love the new color for summer, ‘Puerto Vallarta.’ The shimmering tangerine shade can be used on cheeks, eyes, lips—anywhere you want that perfect summer flush.

You have been quoted as saying that makeup is “a great way to make you feel better.” Can you describe a moment that defines this quote for you?
My books are the perfect example. In X-Ray, I showed transformations from well-known personalities to fantastical characters and had so much fun. With Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself, I showed real women and men and how they can enhance their natural features and embrace their individual beauty.

What advice do you have for women who want to change their looks but don’t know where to start?
It’s very important that you really believe in yourself. Believe in yourself first, but also believe in your own beauty. Makeup is there to enhance that, but beautiful makeup starts with beautiful, healthy skin. Moisturize with NARSskin Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer and add a red lipstick like NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg. That combination provides a sexy, very beautiful feeling right away.

All of your product have such great names. Which name is your favorite and why?
It’s difficult to choose just one! They are all my favorites. One that I am very fond of is ‘Shanghai Express’ Lipstick, after the Marlene Dietrich film. I keep a small notebook for names of products and sometimes, in the middle of the night, I’ll wake up and write down a name for a lipstick or an eye shadow. Inspiration comes from anything; literature, movies, opera, traveling, nature, poetry, sometimes even the street. We had fun with the most recent collection of Satin Lip Pencils because we named them after really well-known parks and public spaces.

Make your mark with NARS this summer.

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