How to Treat Sun-Damaged Skin: End-of-Summer Skincare Essentials from Our Beauty Stylists


Summer days are coming to an end, and whether or not you’re mentally prepared for the fall weather to come…your skin should be. After all the time spent outside, it’s time to give your skin a refresh. Whether it’s helping hyperpigmentation, dry skin or shedding dead layers built up from all that sunscreen, our Beauty Stylists are getting you ready for the new season to come with a roundup of their top picks to treat sun-damaged skin.


Along with recommending the following products should you find yourself with a little sun damage, I do have to say—please wear sunscreen everyday, always, no matter the season! Honestly, it’s one of the best things you can do to keep the signs of aging away. Whether you get your SPF in your moisturizer, primer, foundation, powder, whatever…just get it in there somehow! Then you won’t have to spend the extra money and time on repair products, and you can use it for the fun stuff (like makeup)! 🙂

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair is the first product that came to my mind for this topic! “ANR” serum is a must-have as part of your nighttime ritual for repair. It pairs well with other targeted serums if you like to layer (ANR goes on first), and works for all skin types, even sensitive. Packed with peptides and all kinds of wonderful ingredients to help with hydration and the visible effects of sun damage (such as wrinkles and dark spots), it will make your skin look smoother, brighter and more even after just one night. Another use: mix a little bit with your foundation (I love it with Double Wear) for a radiant finish. It can even help to heal sunburns. Find one of these little brown bottles laying around from a gift with purchase, or ask for a complimentary sample next time you’re near an Estée Lauder counter!

Julep Night Shift Sleeping Mask is just magic, that’s all, the end. Try it. Read the reviews. This is a buy you won’t regret, especially at the price! Even used just once a week, it makes a huge difference in texture and tone! Korean beauty products are really big right now, and Julep has some awesome and affordable ones. I’m in love with their Konjac sponge for gentle exfoliation as well!

Clarins After Sun Moisturizer Ultra-Hydrating is a great product for those who have loved the sun a little too hard. It’s a soothing gel cream for body (or face!) that stops sunburns on contact. If you use it as soon as you realize what you’ve done, it can help counter the damage. Your sunburn will heal quickly and gracefully without all the peeling and pain.


Sun and genetics play a huge part in how your skin reacts and results in hyperpigmentation or dark spots. So, it’s important that you care for your skin not just topically with sunscreen and gentle exfoliation, but also underneath its surface with the right serums to help keep it even toned and radiant! It’s important to get those nutrients into your skin’s layers so that they can replenish, regenerate and correct damage from our fun in the sun during summer!

Omorovicza Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel. Adding a good gentle exfoliation is paramount to any skincare routine. With weekly regular use of a gentle peel like this one,  you reap all the benefits of your serums and moisturizers as the peel removes all that dry skin that prevents the good stuff from penetrating as intended.

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate addresses texture and repair. It also strengthens skin from within so that it can better stave off premature and present signs of aging. Use before your serum or moisturizer.

Shiseido White Lucent Total Brightening Serum. Use a serum that targets hyperpigmentation like this one under your moisturizer; it’ll keep skin radiant, more even toned and smooth, which is what you want in the coming days of being indoors. It will also keep skin from becoming sallow and dull.  


Even the best-prepared-for beach days can leave skin dry, dull and sun damaged.

Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer Tint has you covered (literally)! Made with alpha lipoic acid for smoothing, vitamin C ester for brightening, and powerful antioxidants for anti-aging, this will be your skin’s new favorite tinted moisturizer.

Chantecaille Pure Rosewater is like a drink of water for dehydrated skin–only this one is supercharged with the highest-quality rosewater, which is known for its calming and replenishing benefits to the skin. I love using this spray as my toner, makeup setting spray and/or midday pick-me-up!

GLAMGLOW Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment is my go-to! Nothing soothes summer-parched skin like a good mask. Despite its light refreshing texture, this mask majorly boosts moisture and radiance while calming thirsty skin (and the coconut scent will bring back the best summer memories well into September!).


Here are my picks to help you repair and replenish your skin for fall.

Clarins Mission Perfection Serum. It’s mission? To perfect your sun-stressed skin! It addresses all skin-tone concerns—dark spots, discoloration, redness—and it boosts overall radiance. This targeted serum uses natural ingredients such as acerola extract and ginkgo biloba to have your skin saying thank-you. Apply this day and night before moisturizer to see what luminous, flawless skin looks like after the summer.

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil. Moisture is essential after harsh sun exposure, and dry skin can sneak up on you quickly after your summer fun. The best way to tackle dehydration is an omega-packed facial oil to give the skin its youthful appearance again. This antioxidant-rich oil has amazing texture with awesome ingredients of seaberry oil, grape seed oil and omegas 3,6,7 and 9 to provide 24-hour moisture. This is perfect for all ages and skin types, so anyone can appreciate a fresh dose of hydration!

Arcona Pumpkin Body Lotion. Sun-soaked skin is all over in the summer—not just the face—don’t forget to repair the body. This lotion uses pumpkin extracts and glycolic acid to help smooth while evening out overall tone. Using this active formula every day will repair sun-damaged skin and boost elasticity. Prepare your senses for fall with the soft scent of pumpkin, too!


With crisper, drier temps on the horizon, it’s time to revive my skincare regimen. After slathering on extra sunscreen over the past few months, my skin is feeling and looking kind of dull. So I like to clear out clogged pores by using a clay mask a few days a week.

GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment is my personal favorite. The best thing about this mask is ACNECIDIC-6: a six-acid blend of AHA and BHA acids that are perfectly pH-balanced to deal with damaged skin and de-clog and minimize pores, pigmentation, scarring and breakouts. It jump-starts my skincare regimen to help render all the products I use effective.

Charlotte Tilbury Multi-Miracle Glow Cleanser buffs away the last of the dead skin cells on the surface once my pores are nice and clear. This cleanser is my absolute go-to. There are so many benefits, it’s insane. It has things like antioxidant sea buckthorn seed oil and cranberry seed oil to moisturize skin and stimulate circulation, as well as rose oil to gently exfoliate. Along with vitamins A, C and E to smooth wrinkles, rid your skin of blotchiness and target hyperpigmentation.

Dior Capture Totale Triple Correcting Serum Foundation is what I use to reinstate my glow without the sun (it has SPF 25, which is oh so important!). It’s a true medium-coverage foundation that is formulated to help smooth wrinkles, erase dark spots and restore radiance to your skin. It feels so luxurious on the skin and gives you a healthy, radiant glow.


It’s safe to say our fall makeup is ready the day the pumpkin spice latte is…but is our skincare? It’s a fact that our makeup only looks as good as the skin beneath it, and for those of you who forgot your sunscreen this summer, here are my top picks for tackling those unwanted dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Shiseido White Lucent Total Brightening Serum is a serum that is superior if it’s sun spots or acne scarring you’re battling. A unique blend of Japanese herbs and aggressive vitamin C suppresses long-term production of darkening agents while banishing imperfections you may have had for years. Tip: press two pumps into the skin after your Advanced Night Repair in the evening.

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. Skin requires assistance in the renewal of cells and removing dead skin cells to reveal fresh translucent skin. This treatment’s results are the next best thing to a professional microdermabrasion. Highly effective fruit enzymes polish and clarify skin to allow your serums to penetrate the skin for optimal results. Be warned, this isn’t called an intensive treatment for nothing; this is the real deal. If you have sensitive skin, opt for the gentle version.

Sisley Paris All Day All Year–the name says it all. Invest in a superior treatment (this one has four protection products in one) and stop future damage! This protective treatment creates a shield against free radical and stress damage, anti-UVA and UVB havoc, and reconstructs cellular retention. Use this gem 365 days a year.

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    These seem like some great recommendations! I love having a sunny summer, but I always worry about my skin afterwards. Will definitely have to get something for it!

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      Jordan, we hope they’re helpful and you try some out that will work for you. Our Beauty Stylists are an excellent, expert resource, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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