Meet M•A•C Senior Artists Keri Blair & Louise Zizzo

What does it take to earn the title M•A•C senior artist? Just ask our new contributors Keri Blair and Louise Zizzo, who combined have 30+ years of experience creating iconic M•A•C makeup statements. As our guest bloggers, these two beauty mavens will be giving Nordstrom a monthly inside look into their world of high glamour. From hot products that should be on your radar to tips on perfecting your brow shape, these insightful beauty tidbits are such that only an expert M•A•C artist could give.


Where are you from?
I grew up on a small farm in Damascus, Maryland. I currently live in Brooklyn, New York. I honestly feel so lucky to live here because New York is such a magical melting pot. Even the streets have a story to tell.

Tell us about your evolution as an artist.
It’s hard to believe that almost 17 years ago, I started my journey as a professional makeup artist. In March of 1996, I started as a M•A•C artist in Nordstrom at Towson Town Center while attending Von Lee International School of Aesthetics. In July of 1997, I was promoted to a trainer position for the mid-Atlantic region, covering the region between Philadelphia and North Carolina. In November of 1998, I was relocated and promoted again to be a trainer for the southeast region, based in Atlanta, at a time when M•A•C was just beginning to explode all over the U.S. Needless to say, there was a lot of training to be done!

In November of 2000, I was promoted to senior artist for the southeast region, and then, two years later, it was time for this member of the M•A•C “army” to relocate again—this time to New York City, where I joined the team of senior artists in the Big Apple. In November of 2004, I was promoted to become the regional director of artist training for the Midwest, based in Chicago, where I was able to lead and inspire the training team for 12 states. And finally, in March of 2008, I returned to my artistry roots, moving back to New York to resume my position as senior artist for North America. This year, I also completed my schooling to become a licensed nail tech in the state of New York.

My evolution with this brand has been remarkable. I have traveled to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, London, Milan, Paris and Israel as well as all across the U.S. and Canada. The exposure and experiences have been life-changing.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could take only three M•A•C tools or products with you, what would they be?
This is always the toughest question, so I am going to try not to over-think it! The first products that come to mind are Fix+, Opulash in Optimum Black and Cremesheen Glass in Fashion Scoop.


On the art of makeup:
When applying makeup, look before you apply. Don’t do something just because you think you should; do it because it will change something or create an effect. Think makeup with intention rather than habit!

Louise’s current favorite M•A•C product:
Prep + Prime Natural Radiance. I love this product because it makes the skin look healthy and simply gorgeous, no matter what age you are.

I use this in a couple of ways—either by mixing it into whatever foundation I am using to give an allover, subtle radiance to the skin or, if I use a powder on the skin, by rubbing one pump into my fingertips and pressing it into the cheekbone, temple and jaw to give a healthy, natural sheen.

Louise’s M•A•C senior artist tip:
Before sculpting the brow, I like to highlight the base and tail areas with foundation or powder to create a beautiful, crisp, clean, airy look.

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