On the Best Home Fragrances: Voluspa Founders Troy and Traci Arntsen

A three-part miniseries in which we ask the founders of beloved home fragrance brands to share their favorite aromas and their secrets to creating a home’s signature scent.

Voluspa duo Troy and Traci Arntsen created their first candle in their kitchen—a decade and a half later, countless people now enjoy Voluspa’s coveted fragrances in their own kitchens and homes.


Nordstrom Beauty Blog: Of all in the world, what are your top three favorite smells?
Traci Arntsen: Snapped Tahitian vanilla bean, ocean salt and wet pavement. And burning firewood, if I get four. 🙂

What’s the most unexpected combination of scents you’ve loved?
Arntsen: Champagne and oak wood. It smells like a vineyard to me … more than just a glass of bubbly.

What is the story behind the name Voluspa?
Arntsen: Völuspá is the name of the mythical Viking story about Thor and Odin. It’s not just for superheros—we also loved that it is related to wisdom or the name for a goddess of wisdom.

What’s something you’d like everyone to know about your brand?
Arntsen: Voluspa is truly affordable luxury. Our ingredients are sourced globally and are on par with fine fragrance—not your typical mid-range candle fragrance. That is why we have such a cult and celebrity following for our scents.

Troy Arntsen: Voluspa has never sold a candle we didn’t make. This is a fact that Traci and I have always had pride in, and not something that many other brands can claim.

It all seems pretty straightforward, but what tips have you discovered for mastering home fragrance?
Traci Arntsen: Experiment and cluster. Fragrance is extremely personal, so try new scents until you find the one that elevates a space from just a relaxing room to an experience. And more is MORE! Cluster three or four candles together to create even more beautiful candlelight and fragrance. Mix scents you love, or choose just one scent and enjoy. 🙂

What scents are currently filling your own home?
Traci Arntsen: I have Bourbon Vanille (from the Vermeil Collection) grouped in my kitchen and our new Casa Pacifica on my nightstand. It’s so romantic and reminds me of walking on the beach in Laguna.

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