As Vice President of Sales and Promotions for Chantecaille, Alex Chantecaille has to travel the world as part of her job. We’re sure it’s not all glamorous jetsetting, but still. Sounds pretty fantastic! She also has a passion for practicing and promoting stewardship of our planet’s wilderness. It’s a trait that runs in her family–all of whom happen to play parts running the company started by Alex’s mother, Sylvie. And because it runs through the family that still runs Chantecaille, it also runs through the brand, which is known for raising awareness of important environmental concerns.

Alex Chantecaille took some time to tell us about the favorite places she discovered during a recent journey to Turkey and share information about how we can all get involved in protecting our natural resources; she also doled out tips on wearing Chantecaille’s most recent collection and (because we couldn’t resist asking) show us her adorable rescue pup, Ella.


Alex at Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
“Do what makes you fly”—from my mom.

That and “start swimming; stop running”—from a friend’s dad who is an ortho (it saved my knees!).

As a beauty expert, what’s the one question you get asked the most, and what do you say in reply?
Which cream/serum/eye cream do I use for night and which do I use for day? As we don’t specify Day or Night on Chantecaille skincare products this comes up a lot. The answer is: it depends on your skin type, needs, and where you live/will be using these products. Climate affects our skin a great deal; we often forget about that when buying a cream. It might be perfectly moisturizing while you’re in Scottsdale, Arizona for a golf trip, but too rich once you’re back home in the humidity of the Northeast.

Depending on your skin type, some creams are ideal for day, giving a boost of hydration and relaxing wrinkles; however, if you’re younger and oilier, this type of cream may be too rich for you. I’m always coaching my team to look and listen to the women in front of them. They need to address the very specific needs of that person and customize a personal regimen for her.




Chantecaille’s gorgeous new Wild Horses Palette includes three eyeshadows and one blush in perfectly on-trend colors for fall—plus a world-changing bonus: a percentage of all palette proceeds will be donated to The Humane Society to support its mission to help wild horses run free in America. We spoke with Chantecaille Creative Director and spokesmodel Olivia Chantecaille to learn more about her family’s efforts to make a difference through the company.

BEAUTY BLOG: Olivia, tell us why you support this particular cause.
OLIVIA CHANTECAILLE: There’s an urgent need to help our country’s wild horses roam freely. Embodying the spirit of freedom, wild horses have graced the American landscape for centuries, reminding us of our deepest connection to the earth. Sadly, in just the past 40 years over 22 million acres of wild horse habitat has been lost in the U.S. To make room for cattle, gas and oil production, the government has been systematically placing wild herds into captivity, which costs taxpayers upwards of $78 million per year. By conserving our public land for our wild horses, we not only help save the herds, but we also ensure that the land will be preserved for future generations.

How does The Wild Horses Palette reflect the cause it supports?
The palette reflects not only the colors of the wild horses, but those of the magnificent landscape they live in. It’s a striking yet neutral palette that perfectly complements the trending colors in this fall’s fashion—warm earthy browns, rich neutrals, grounding black, camel and pops of red.

Beauty and heart: Olivia Chantecaille models The Wild Horses Palette.

This isn’t the first time you’ve created a palette inspired by a cause [last spring the company released its Save the Sharks Palette; in years past it has created palettes to benefit endangered tigers and elephants in Africa].
Yes, we have always sought to raise awareness for environmental causes that are most urgent and require immediate attention. This is an integral part of our brand and our way to give back to nature. Each season we launch a ‛cause-metics’ collection, and are particularly passionate about our commitment to the oceans and endangered species.

Of all your recent charitable efforts, which cause has held the most significance for you and your family?
It is impossible to choose one cause over another. Each one is vital in its own right, and when you look at the larger picture you realize that everything is connected. There is one unifying message that comes from all of these causes: We need to respect Nature and be aware of the negative influence we play.

Are there skincare or other makeup products that work best with the Wild Horses look?
Our new Le Stylo Ultra Slim Liquid Eyeliner and the new lash-defining Supreme Cils Mascara really highlight and complement the neutral shades of the eyeshadow palette. On lips, Persimmon Hydra Chic Lipstick is a bold tomato red with a flattering burst of orange that is the perfect modern take on a classic red lip. Complete the look with Future Skin Foundation and a spritz of our Pure Rosewater.

Watch a behind-the-scenes look at The Wild Horses Palette photo shoot.

For more information on the effort to help wild horses, visit The Humane Society.

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—Stefanie Frank


As the flashbulbs fade in the south of France, we’re offering our own accolades for outstanding achievements in makeup:


Best Red Lip. Ethereal style-rules rebel Carey Mulligan gleamed in pale pink Dior and a perfect pop of cherry on her lips, dispelling the notion that pink-red pairings are faux pas. NARS makeup artist Georgie Eisdell created this luscious look with NARS Jungle Red Lipliner Pencil and Jungle Red Lipstick.

Best Eyes. Spanish actress Blanca Suárez channeled mod-siren glamour in Giorgio Armani Privé, enhanced by perfectly winged eyeliner and endless lashes. Get the look with Smashbox’s ‘Love Me’ Paint Pen—a foolproof liner for creating epic eyes—and ‘Full Exposure’ Mascara, a volumizing, lengthening, no-smudge scene-stealer.

Best Natural Cheek. Paz Vega’s barely-there makeup is the perfect yin to her beaded Roberto Cavalli yang, and it lets her luminous skin take top billing. Get the look with dewy, water-based Chantecaille ‘Future Skin’ Foundation and translucent, slightly shimmery ‘Poudre de Pearl’ Cheek Color.

Best Pink Lipstick on a Redhead. Another vote to make pink-red marriage legal, inspired by Nicole Kidman (in Dior Haute), whose watermelon-hued lipstick coordinated perfectly with her Salvatore Ferragamo Minaudière (and famous flaming locks). Get the look with Sweet Watermelon Lip Luminizer by Clé de Peau Beauté.

(Images courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo & Giorgio Armani)

—Stefanie Frank


In May, we celebrate mothers, so this month’s must-haves are a mix of long-loved and just-discovered multipurpose marvels that make life easier for busy moms (like me) on the go.

Clarisonic ‘Opal – Ruby’ Sonic Infusion System: Amazing. After just one use, my eyes looked less puffy and felt more hydrated; within one week, they looked smoother, more refreshed and less crepey—all day! Even better, this wondergadget is quick (just 30 seconds on each eye) and very simple to use. Pair it with your favorite eye cream and/or serum and use it day and night for maximum results.

Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 50: I hit the jackpot with this product! Not only does it protect my skin with a broad spectrum SPF; it’s also a fantastic makeup primer. It creates the perfect non-greasy, smooth, even canvas for your foundation, with bonus anti-aging benefits built in. Brilliant.
Giorgio Armani ‘Luminous Silk’ Foundation: There’s a reason this product achieved immediate cult status and wins practically every beauty award. Just one pump is all you need for silky, smooth, weightless coverage that lasts all day. I am honestly blown away by how flawless and radiant it makes my face look, plus it’s oil-free—the perfect finish for my combination skin.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color: I’m addicted to these new easy-to-wear lip shades that offer just the right wash of sheer color. Of the 14—yes, 14!—shades I’ve already acquired, my current #1 favorite is Passion Fruit, my power pink for summer. (Bonus: these beauties condition lips, too!)

L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil: I first tried this product because I couldn’t resist the delicious almond scent; now I can’t live without the way it makes my skin look. I spray it on right after my shower to lock in moisture and face the day with supple, radiant, glowing skin that smells like a dream.

These are just five of the many must-haves I’d love to tell you about (I’ll save some surprises for next month). In the meantime, if you’d like to start finding your own new favorites, you can set up an appointment with one of our Nordstrom beauty stylists (1.800.7beauty). Experts on all brands, they’ll be happy to make suggestions and give you samples of products that will work for you. Too busy to get to the store? No problem: you can chat with one of our online beauty stylists instead.


Interview: Olivia Chantecaille

Olivia Chantecaille, creative director of Chantecaille, takes a moment to talk with us about spring looks, saving sharks from finning with the brand’s ‘Save the Sharks’ Palette and her definition of beauty.

Beauty 24/7: Why did you dedicate product to a philanthropic cause?
Olivia Chantecaille: My family and I are all very passionate about the environment and the beautiful animals on our planet. We have wanted to support nature-based charities since we launched our line. Plus, we use countless incredible botanical ingredients in our products and have always wanted to give back in some way.

Beauty 24/7: What made you decide on the sharks this year?
Olivia Chantecaille: We decided to support sharks because the issue has become an emergency for the health of the oceans, and people need to know what is going on. It is urgent to act now and help raise awareness and pass regulations that will have a direct, positive impact on their survival. I am thrilled to see that recently there has been a lot of talk about shark finning and changes are being made even here in our country.

Beauty 24/7: Can you tell us a little about the look in the face chart?
Olivia Chantecaille: The look for spring is confident makeup with a bold use of dark blue that complements the season’s bright fashion.

Shades include:
Great White: a white and sandy beige inspired by the apex of the oceans’ ecosystems, the Great White shark.
Black Tip: an on-trend, deep-ocean blue inspired by aquatic spring runway looks and the dark, inky fin of Black Tip sharks.
Grey Reef: a glistening sandy grey inspired by the Indian and Pacific Oceans’ Grey Reef sharks.
Sea Anemone: a flattering golden coral cheek shade inspired by the underwater gardens of the tropics.

Beauty 24/7: What cheek and lip colors do you recommend to complement the palette?
Olivia Chantecaille: The wonderful thing about the palette is that the perfect cheek shade, Sea Anemone, is already incorporated to enhance the eye shades. It is a soft coral pink that will add life to any skin tone without competing with the eye color. For this look, I created a rich eye with definition, which works beautifully with spring’s pretty, soft pink lips, like our new ‘Lip Chic’ in Daphne.

Beauty 24/7: In your opinion, what is the most important quality of great makeup?
Olivia Chantecaille: The most important quality of great makeup is that it looks and feels natural on your skin and not like you are wearing makeup. Great makeup enhances a woman’s best features so that people notice her beauty and not her makeup.

Beauty 24/7: How do you define beauty?
Olivia Chantecaille: A happy, confident and grateful woman is beautiful. Makeup can only enhance her glow.