For most teens, prom is a very important social event. Flash back to your high school heyday and check out these fun prom-inspired nail looks that work for grown girls too!

What you need: BP. ‘Perfect Polish’ Nail Lacquer in Ivory Stain, Chocolate Mystery, Lavender Lust and Pistachio Paradise.


Accessorized with Stephan & Co. Stone Stretch Bracelet (Juniors)

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Looking for a way to get all those makeup brushes organized? Here’s a seriously simple how-to from P.S.- I made this…


We’ve got loads of DIY inspiration over at Nordstrom Beauty Spot, and even more every day on our beauty Pinterest board.


Inventive. Imaginative. Funny. Well moisturized. Just a few ways to describe Erica Domesek, the savvy DIY doyen behind PS. I Made This.

“DIY is in my DNA. It’s just how my brain is programmed–but anyone can think that way. You just have to keep your eyes and mind open.” One of our favorite moments working with Erica came as that DIY DNA sprang into action, and she started customizing her Estée Lauder lipstick tube with colorful tape. Anything, no matter how small, can have a personalized touch.

“I grew up always looking at function and fashion. Re-purposing and re-imagining everyday objects has always been a part of my life.”

Erica’s space was filled with creativity and inspiration. You never know what’s going to fall out of my pocket!”

We love the idea of simple, everyday objects getting whipped up into something unexpected that’s both pretty and functional. Make your own tiered makeup stand with Erica’s step-by-step guide.

Erica’s beauty routine. “I’m pretty basic and simple. I’m a big moisturizer person. Big time! I get out of the shower and start with moisturizer. Makeup is great, but your skin is your own canvas, and you need to take care of it.” Shop Erica’s beauty picks.

“Beauty doesn’t have to mean a lipstick. It can mean the shade of a chandelier—gorgeous candlesticks to a flight of modified paints. Beauty is just something that makes you smile instantly.”


Butter LONDON Global Color Ambassador, Katie Hughes, shows us how to create easy, 3D polka dot nail art with the ‘Pop Art Collection’ by butter LONDON.

Step-by-step instructions from the video below:
1. Begin with one coat of Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat.
2. Apply two coats of ‘Cheeky Chops’ Nail Lacquer.
3. Use a dotting tool (or ball point pen) to create large dots at random with ‘Keks’ Nail Lacquer.
4. Layer on smaller dots in ‘Primrose Hill Picnic’ Nail Lacquer with the other end of your dotting tool (or something with a finer point, like a toothpick).
5. Let dry 5 to 10 minutes, and apply Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat to finish.

Told you it was easy. Now, go get your artsy on with the ‘Pop Art Collection’ by butter LONDON. Lichtenstein would be proud.


Don’t sit on the bench this summer. Get in the game with the sporty chic trend without a wardrobe overhaul—just update your nails! Here are our three simple steps to a winning look.


1. Choose two sporty colors (e.g., gray and yellow or white and blue) and apply two coats of the base color to the entire nail.
2. Wait for it to dry, and then, in one swift motion, layer the top stripe down the center of the nail. (Tip: Use tape on your nails for an extra-straight stripe.)
3. Add a top coat for a longer-lasting mani.


Essie Polish in ‘Power Clutch’ | buttter LONDON in ‘Jasper’ | JINsoon Topcoat

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Keri Blair, M·A·C Senior Artist, reveals her favorite spring nail art trends.

Nail trends for spring/summer ‘13 definitely complement the makeup statements we’ve been seeing on the runway in a very distinct way this season. After working backstage at New York, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, I am happy to report that there is something for everyone to keep your pointers looking polished and playful.

NUDE TREND: Nude shades are so right now; think mannequin-esque with a focus on elongation. This look is refined, pampered and polished to perfection. Backstage at Just Cavalli (pictured above), Marimekko and A.F. Vandevorst, I was tasked with the duty of creating foundation for the nails using M·A·C Nail Lacquer in shades Quiet Time, Skin Creme, Delicate and Faint of Heart. You can mix various nudes to create the exact foundation shade that best suits your style.

METALLIC TREND: Ever-expanding technology in the beauty industry has taken glitter to a whole new level. More refined particles and smoother textures make this trend wearable for all ages. Creating expensive-looking metallic nails like I did at Veronique Branquinho (pictured above) is achievable with M·A·C shades like Screaming Bright and Soiree; the pigments create a more reflective finish.

Tip: Creating a short nail shape comes off chic!

BLUSH TREND: At shows like Blumarine (pictured above) and Elie Saab, nail colors were used in the same way a makeup artist would apply blush to the face. Pastel shades—soft yet rich—donned nails to romantic perfection. I’m a fan of the M·A·C ‘Fashion Sets’ lacquers in colors like Ablaze, Silly and Embrace Me that embody this trend completely.

DIY tip: Mixing a high-gloss topcoat like M·A·C’s Overlacquer with your desired polish creates a mimicking color that acts like a highlight, producing one standout color!

OPTICALS TREND: Being a self-confessed nail-art junkie, this post wouldn’t be complete without including one of my favorite trends of the season: optical nails. The nails at Gareth Pugh (pictured above), Ruffian and Kenzo blended the concept of optical art, accessory and organic color blocking. Think almond-shaped architecture, ombre color application and the use of nail color as an accessory to clothing. For this look, I like colors like M·A·C’s Limited Edition Nail Lacquer in Deep Sea, as well as hues like Rougemarie and Morange.

My advice: Don’t be afraid to change up your nails like you would your lipstick. Nail lacquer gives you an affordable way to complete and play with your fashion story!

Find Keri on Twitter for more dish on all things beauty: @MAC_Keri_B

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Meet Nordstrom’s new National Beauty Director, Debra Redmond! She shares her favorite products that are the base for her weekly skincare routine. Get winter-ready skin with Debra’s DIY approach!

“As temperatures outside cool down and the heat inside cranks up, the change in climate takes the biggest toll on your skin. While you might initially think that your skin is dry, there may be more to it than that. Unless you’re drinking enough H2O and hydrating/moisturizing the skin enough on the outside, dry, flaky skin may happen during the winter months. I’ve come up with a few easy steps that will have your skin looking flawless in no time.

Now, keep in mind that I travel regularly and I have three children all under six, but that doesn’t stop me from taking a few minutes out of the week to ensure that my skin not only looks its best, but feels its best too.

“Step One: Cleanse.
Start with a great cleanser that won’t strip or dry out the skin. My fave is Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser—I use it daily. I love the fact that it’s foaming, but creamy and milky at the same time. It’s non-drying, just super ahhhh-comfy!

Step Two: Exfoliate.
Try CAUDALÍE Deep Cleansing Exfoliator—your face will instantly radiate as this removes dead skin and rids the skin of irritating pollutants. You will see immediate results!

Step Three: Oxygenate the Skin.
Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask, aka my weekly dose of oxygen, vitamin C, anti-free radicals and moisture fix, all in one. One spritz, and you’ll smell good and your skin will feel beautiful.

Step Four: Get the Glow.
Opt for a little luxury in a jar. Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream is guaranteed to hydrate skin on delivery. From the first time I used this cream, I was instantly addicted. Nothing makes my skin feel softer, and the scent is divine too!

Time is always so precious and we never seem to have enough of it, but trust me when I say—take the time to preserve  your skin. You’ll thank me later!”


This just in: scads of pots of pretty from Ciaté—including the revolutionary Velvet & Caviar manicure sets that are big news in the beauty world.

Why? Genius Ciaté founder, Charlotte Knight has created a DIY at-home manicure that adds luxurious texture and get-stopped-on-the-street finish to your nails. See it for yourself in the how-to videos below, and check out all the Ciaté colors and sets now available at Nordstrom.

Ciaté Caviar Manicure Sets

Ciaté Velvet Manicure Sets


We’ve mentioned our diptyque devotion before, not only for all the divine scents to choose from, but also for those elegant, simply designed containers. But what to do when your wick runs out? We discovered that we weren’t the only ones who thought it a shame to get rid of our empty jars when we hit up one of our favorite resources for inspiration—Pinterest.

Here are our favorite ideas that we came across for upcycling diptyque candle jars.

A flower vase-as-bookend topper for the literature lover, from Hope in High Heels.

A tasteful, DIY way to stay organized, from Katie Armour.

A perfect way to accent French-inspired décor and a place for chic odds and ends, from decor8.

The beauty queen’s makeup brush holder, from Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere.

An orchid centerpiece for uptown tea, from Luxiarare.

What are your creative ways for upcycling beautiful objects?