Kate Fannin, our beauty trend editor, knows how much we all covet a terrific tan during the summer. Here, she explains how to get that beach babe bronze without the harmful side effects.

Me soaking up the rays during my swim team days.

Remember when you were on the neighborhood swim team and were more concerned about your cheesy one-piece than the long-term effects of the sun? (See my 15-year-old self above for reference.) What I wouldn’t give to have that perfect tan shade again, albeit in a much SAFER way. Good news—you totally can, and with no chlorine or kickboard required. Here are some quick steps and picks for achieving the perfect “swim team” tan without risking serious sun damage:

1. Get Ready: Use a great body exfoliator or soap in the shower to prep the skin (shaving also helps). Some good options include Kate Somerville ‘ExfoliKate® Body’ Intensive Exfoliating Treatment or Fresh Seaberry Exfoliating Soap.

2. Get Set: Use a lotion or cream around areas that are susceptible to absorbing too much product (i.e., the often-dry parts) like heels, ankles, knees and elbows. A few of my faves are Estée Lauder ‘Nutritious’ Energy Lotion, L’Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate and Clinique Deep Comfort Body Moisture.

3. Tan!: With so many new formulas available, there’s definitely one for everybody—and every body! (Or face!) Check out Xen-Tan ‘Absolute Luxe’ Dark Lotion. It’s non-greasy and has no icky self-tanner odor—it even has Scent Secure technology to make sure. Also, St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse is a good bet—you can’t argue with an Allure “Best of Beauty” winner AND 5-star customer ratings!

One last tan tidbit…

If you’re in a hurry or traveling, try one of my “hall of fame” self-tanning favorites: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads—travel-friendly towelettes that exfoliate AND give a gorgeous tan all in one! Use at night (after shower and before bed), and by morning, you’re gorgeously tanned and guaranteed to score compliments about your glowing skin! Best of all, they come in both face and body options.

And that’s my (tan) take!


Kate Fannin, our beauty trend editor, is constantly asked which beauty products she recommends when preparing for travel. Here, she counts down her top 10 travel essentials for summer adventure.


Me hiking Mt. Abraham, the 5th-highest summit in Vermont

Last week, a friend told me about her upcoming 6-month South American adventure that she’s embarking on with her husband. (Color me jealous!) They’ve been budgeting for it for several years and have one simple objective: “Explore what’s out there and enjoy the adventure.” (Color me very jealous.)

When she asked for some travel-friendly beauty suggestions, I realized how often I’m asked for recommendations about good/easy/packable products. So here’s my top-ten list of simple items—many are multi-taskers and some even unisex. Let the summer travel adventures begin!

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Touche Éclat’ Radiant Touch

#1. Great as a light concealer or highlighter or for quick touch-ups, and it’s super-portable too—a cult classic for a reason.

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In this guest blog post: Lev Glazman (left), cofounder of Fresh, journeys to China to reveal the making of and inspiration for the highly sought-after Black Tea Skincare Collection.

01-FRESH-founders-Lev-Glazman-and-Alina-Roytberg-in-China-discovering-Black-TeaLev Glazman and Alina Roytberg founded Fresh in Boston in 1991.

This past November, we embarked on a highly anticipated trip to Hangzhou, China, one that brought us incredibly close to the source of most of our teas. Alina and I hosted editors from four different regions—China, Hong Kong, Korea and the United States—and completely immersed them in the rich history of tea—particularly black tea, the antioxidant-rich hero of our age-delay skincare that offers the ultimate in protection.


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Co-founder of Fresh, Lev Glazman shares a personal note on how something as simple as fragrance can not only influence a life’s path, but also strengthen a bond between two people.
HeroFresh co-founders, Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg

Mother’s Day always reminds me of what I learned from my mother. Through all the hardships of Russia―especially when the Iron Curtain was still up and women were not exposed to or given any access to things that were available to the rest of the free western world―the fact that she always wanted to fearlessly maintain her individuality and self-expression taught me a lot about staying true to myself and believing in what I do. One memory of this in particular stands out…

Growing up in Communist Russia, the only fragrance available was Red Moscow. Only the bravest women, my mother included, would find a way to get their hands on a forbidden French perfume: They had to buy from smugglers, because buying anything not Russian-made was illegal. These ladies risked being arrested for buying these foreign fragrances—it was worth it to preserve their individuality and femininity. They had the courage to do it.

When I was just six years old, I remember going with my mother to the black market so she could get a French perfume she loved; it amazed me how much she was willing to risk to buy it. This was a defining moment in my life: I realized the importance that fragrance plays in people’s lives and how it can instantly make them happy and feel special.

I think we are all inspired by our own mothers, and the idea that any woman could feel beautiful through fragrance had a lasting impression on me.

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New at Nordstrom: Fresh

For over 20 years, Fresh has garnered a specific following of beauty lovers: those who crave skin and body treatments crafted with natural essences. Using sake, Umbrian clay, soy, brown sugar and more, Fresh co-founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg continue to combine unique, natural ingredients in skincare, bodycare and fragrance, and they’re all as effective as they are indulgent.

“Fresh embodies beauty. We’re dedicated to luxurious ingredients, rich textures, and addictive scents for a sensorial experience like none other,” says Glazman. Get ready to feel your most Fresh and discover why this brand is coveted by Hollywood’s elite and beauty editors worldwide.

Fresh is now available online and in selected stores.