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We love a great blowout, which is why we’re so excited to have all the hair care and styling products from Drybar available at Nordstrom. Now we can all snatch up the genius line created by founder Alli Webb for blowing out some gorgeous locks right at home. Webb gave us some of her time to tell us about starting her company, her top five Drybar favorites and how to get the perfect results at home.


Hi Alli! Tell us a little about your background. What was the idea behind Drybar, and how did it get started?
While growing up, I always struggled with my naturally frizzy, curly hair, and longed for a place that would happily blowout my hair at a price I could afford. I ended up becoming a professional stylist in my early 20s. In 2009, after being a stay-at-home mom, I started a mobile blow drying business, Straight at Home. During that time, it occurred to me that I was not alone in my quest—there was a huge hole in the market for a place to get great blowouts, in a fun, beautiful environment at an affordable price. I realized I needed to do this. So I partnered with my brother, Michael Landau, and my husband, Cameron Webb, to open our first location in Brentwood, California. We never dreamed it would turn into what it has. ‎

We love the positive, inclusive vibes of your company’s 10 core values and beliefs. What philosophy guided you in picking them, and if you had to sum them up into just one sentence, what would it be?
Life is too short to work someplace you don’t believe in, and where you can’t be yourself. Our parents ingrained that in us, and we’ve always thought of Drybar as an extension of our family! Drybar’s success is due to the hard work and dedication of us all coming together for one overarching goal: to make women feel great.

Your products and services are all named after cocktails and adult beverages (Dirty Martini, The Cosmo, Southern Comfort, etc). What inspired the theme?
While we were developing the whole bar concept, naming hairstyles after drinks seemed like such a fun way to order your favorite style off the “bar menu”. Our clients really love it!

Speaking of cocktails, what’s your all-time favorite?
I am most definitely a Mai Tai girl.


What are your top five picks from the Drybar line right now, and why do you love them?
1. 3-Day Bender Curling Iron: I love this curling iron because it gives a seriously perfect wave! It uses NanoIonic technology to smooth the cuticle, setting curls in place—all while helping with frizz control.

2. Bay Breeze Hydrating Shots: Like many of our Drybar ladies, I love getting lots of blowouts and being blonde, which means a lot of heat styling and coloring. So having a weekly hair shot is an absolute must for me.

3. 100 Proof Treatment Oil: It’s a go-to product for me because it adds so much shine, plus it replenishes dry, damaged strands and also helps control frizz and flyaways.

4. Triple Sec Texturizer: Triple Sec gives amazing texture! It’s super popular in our shops with our stylists and clients because it adds tons of volume and texture, and the scent leaves my hair feeling super fresh and clean.

5. Detox Dry Shampoo: This is one of our bestsellers and for good reason. There’s no better way to make a blowout last than a great dry shampoo with a heavenly scent!

So tons of guys may not start getting blowouts anytime soon, but they’re definitely starting to care more about their hair and embrace longer lengths. General thoughts on: #manbun #manbraid?
I love a good man bun…and have seen a lot of men sporting braids lately. I’m into it.

In all your experience as a pro stylist and founder of Drybar, what advice do you find yourself always giving?
One piece of advice I like to give is to not let perfect stand in the way of progress. I am a stickler for things being just so, but I’ve learned sometimes you just have to take a leap and perfect the little details later.

Last question! Can you tell us any secrets to the perfect at-home blowout?
Take your time! Most people rush through their blowouts, but it only takes a little time and effort to get pretty hair. If you put the time in, the blowout can really last, saving you more time in days to come.

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Introducing our new Beauty Trend Editor Kate Fannin, a petite, pixie-coiffed cosmetics connoisseur whose passion for product is the size of Texas (her home state).

A self-described girly-girl from the get-go, Kate started her beauty career at age 9, when she’d line up her Barbies and sell them Clinique (or “Clini-Q” as she called it) from her mom’s Spiegel catalog.

The higher the hair, the closer to heaven: a teenage Kate shows her sweet Texas style 

Denim to Dolce. During high school, Kate’s love of shopping earned her the nickname “Mall-y.” In college, she chose to major in Marketing when she realized its connection to shopping, products and the customer experiences that were part of her consumer-driven DNA. Two business degrees later, Kate went on to work for a number of major retail brands, including The Limited, The Gap, The Body Shop and Neiman Marcus, where she was indoctrinated into the world of luxury cosmetics and never looked back.


Inspired beauty: Kate gathers images to help with trend forecasting

Kate expectations. Now at Nordstrom, Kate’s all about taking the trends and translating them for customers of all ages, complexions and comfort zones. “Beauty should never be a chore—it should be a pleasure,” says Kate. “It’s such a fun opportunity to play, with such a low commitment! To me, makeup is an art form that doesn’t require perfection, although making changes to a beauty routine can be intimidating to many women. That’s why I like to ask customers when they feel most beautiful, and talk about out how we can make the trends work for them.”

Kate and makeup maven Trish McEvoy have a cheeky Instagram moment

Makeup mixology. “I change my makeup every single day—I love experimenting with color. My one constant is making sure I ‘glow’ so I’ll mix a little bronzer, maybe a little pink with a shimmer base, and then add a pop of color on either my eyes or my lips.”

Skincare saviors. “Sunscreen. It’s my absolute must-have—without it don’t even bother with the rest! I use Fresh Soy Face Cleanser because it really gets the sunscreen off at the end of the day—and I never go to bed without a completely clean face!”

Pretty ladies: Kate connects with Brooke Shields at the Women’s Wear Daily Beauty Summit 

Fragrance faves.Dior J’Adore is my longtime love. I’m a floral girl at heart; but it has to be a light, airy floral that lifts me up. Heavy scents make me feel shorter!”

Hair play. “I own every type of hair care product: texturizers, beach sprays, pomades, gels, mousse. Sometimes I create ‘cocktails’ of different products to get certain looks. One of my favorite lines is Aveda because they have great products for short hair.”

Beauty muses. “I love how Gwen Stefani approaches makeup; she’s very bold and adventurous. Adele has great style, too—she just owns it with her cat eyes and nail art. Charlize Theron is probably my favorite because she always glows, and she rocks so many different hairstyles.”

Glam go-tos.Kevin Aucoin ‘The’ Lip Gloss (Pasiflora is a great rosy shade); NARS ‘Larger Than Life’ Eyeliners (Barrow Street is a gorgeous neon green I’m loving right now); Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20; and Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer. CAUDALÍE Divine Oil is a new find: it smells heavenly and absorbs quickly, so you can use it on your body and hair.”

Favorite things: A few of Kate’s current and classic picks

Beauty mantra. “Explore. Have fun. It can be as simple as a new lip gloss or as unique as custom nail art. There are no hard-and-fast beauty rules; it’s all about what makes YOU feel confident and beautiful. I just turned 40, but if I see a hot pink lipstick that makes me happy, I’ll wear it!”

—Stefanie Frank

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