Karla Deras

Get to know Karla Deras, fashion blogger of Karla’s Closet: Sartorialist muse and Daddy’s girl.


BEAUTY BLOG: How do you stay inspired?

KARLA DERAS: I love making digital mood boards—I make them all the time.

Best compliment from a fan?

KARLA: When a girl says that my blog has encouraged her to just be herself, to feel comfortable in her own skin—or to go ahead and dress up. Everyone has insecurities; everyone has times when they feel ugly. When someone says I’ve helped to boost her confidence, it boosts my confidence!

Have you ever made a beauty mistake?

KARLA: I once dyed my hair blond. I looked like Eminem’s character, ‘Slim Shady’! And overdoing it with eyeshadow—that’s not a good look for me.

What does the future hold for Karla Deras?

KARLA: Anything and everything that’s creative. I would like to flip houses. I like designing—maybe jewelry, coffee table books, Creative Director for a brand. Or just opening a restaurant.

Any surprises while working with Duncan, your Nordstrom Beauty Stylist?

KARLA: I loved his take on the smoky eye. He created a really deconstructed, smudged-out look.

How does beauty affect your style?

KARLA: My style really changes with my hair. When I had a pixie, I wore a lot of vintage clothing. My style got a little sexier as my hair grew out.

Any beauty muses?

KARLA: I think Rooney Mara. Not stereotypical beauty. Christy Turlington; Lara Stone with a gap in her teeth.

Find out how Karla experiences her beauty.


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Fashion blogger Karla Deras (above, top) of Karla’s Closet created custom how-tos for fall makeup looks. Style chameleon and beauty blogger Chriselle Lim (above, bottom) teased up three custom styles for fab fall hair.

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