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Jacie Duprie, the blogger behind damsel in dior, dropped by Nordstrom Westside Pavilion in L.A. for a mini-haul at Nordstrom Beauty Spot. Here are her five must-have favorites for any damsel.

Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 | Dior ‘Diorshow – Iconic Overcurl’ Mascara
Kiehl’s Since 1851 Jumbo Creme de Corps with Pump | NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
CLARISONIC Cleansing Systems


We tapped Duncan Smith, one of our Beauty Stylists at Nordstrom Westside Pavilion in L.A., to help style three of our tastemakers featured on Nordstrom Beauty Spot. We followed along to capture this stylist superhero in action. Here’s what he had to share, from super-handy tips & tricks to his favorite looks for fall.

Why did you become a Beauty Stylist?
Ever since I was little, I have been into art: sketching, painting and creating things. One day, I just changed my medium to makeup. It is amazing the things that makeup can do to enhance and transform a person. Seeing the happy reactions of women as they look in the mirror is priceless.

By working with many different lines and really paying special attention to trends in makeup styling and cosmetic technologies I have gained a wealth of knowledge that I am excited to share everyday with my clients and coworkers.

What was it like working with our tastemakers, Karla, Chriselle, and Joy?

This project was so fun! It really was an honor to have the opportunity to work with these women. It was interesting to hear their stories and to begin to get to know them in the short period of time we had together. I am so glad that Nordstrom partnered with these women.

What tips did you give each of them?
Two of my favorite tricks that I shared with all three of them were how to properly make skin more luminous and how to define the eye without looking like they were wearing eyeliner.

For luminzing skin, I like to use a method that is used by Trish McEvoy creating a ‘Triangle of Light.’ Bringing the luminizing product (cream, liquid or powder) under the eye, to the top of the apple of the cheek and then up again to the top of the cheek bone. This creates a beautiful, diffused sheen that makes darkness under the eye less apparent and gives the cheek an amazing lift.

For defining the lash line, paint eyeliner under the top lashes filling in gaps between lashes making the lashes look much, much fuller. I will often use an eyeliner pencil that is safe for the waterline or Laura Mercier’s ‘Tightline’ cake eyeliner.

What did they discover during their time with you?
Karla is a makeup girl. For her, it was really about honing in and finding something new to share with her. The trick was to really give her makeup that looked uncontrived and lived in. I used mostly cream products and blended them out until edges were seamless.

On the other hand, Joy was not much of a makeup person, so using products that were nearly undetectable, yet perfected was extremely important.

Chriselle said you helped her achieve a smoky eye, which she didn’t think she could pull off. Share the wealth!
Chriselle felt that doing makeup for an Asian eye is difficult, so she only felt comfortable wearing eyeliner. I was able to show her that actually, a smoky look is the best and most flattering for her and her eye shape. Creating a soft gradation with the deepest color at the lash line and working the color up until it diffused in the crease created a natural contour that opened the eye and created more lift.

[Tip: The biggest trick for doing makeup on an eye where the ‘crease’ is not naturally defined is to stick your chin up and look down into your mirror. Magic! You can see where the crease is. By adding a color that is just a couple shades deeper than your skin tone, into the shadow that is created, you will have a perfectly contoured crease every time.]

What are the questions you always get? What do you tell people?
The number one thing that my customers ask me is, “How do I look younger?” I tell them that the trick is really to use lightweight products that create minimal texture on the skin and to use colors that are fresh and with varying levels of sheen to play tricks with light.

When a customer asks, “Can you come home with me?” I tell them that I would love to, but I am really expensive. Instead, I book them for a complimentary appointment–sometimes several–so that I can really teach them, showing them exactly why all the proper tools, techniques and products are essential to achieve their ideal look. Practicing is the key.

Favorite new things right now?
1. My Clarisonic Aria!
2. I am also loving the new ‘Always Sharp’ Eye Pencils from Smashbox. The colors are great, but the fact that you never have to sharpen your pencil makes them absolutely amazing!
3. This isn’t a new product, but I love the Dr. Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel Pads. The trick is to wait the full 2 minutes after the first pad, then use the neutralizing pad. And yes, use the neutralizing pad because the ingredients in it are amazing for anti-aging!

Anyone in the world…who would you want in your stylist chair?
I would love to work with Ke$ha. Sounds crazy, but I think we would have so much fun…and I’m a sucker for glitter.

Looks you love right now?
For fall, I am loving the focus on brows! I use three products to create the best brow. I am obsessed with Anastasia’s Lash Genius to hold a brow in place. I use it first because it really allows for the other brow products to adhere properly to the skin and give a super sculpted look. Then with an angle brush, I use two colors of brow powders, one about two shades lighter than the brow first, and the second, the same color of the brow. This gives an extremely natural diffusion of color making the brow look more natural.

The other trend that I am in love with is a dark lip. Whether it is a deep wine stain in the center of the lip, or a perfectly defined, nearly black lip, I love it!


Get to know Karla Deras, fashion blogger of Karla’s Closet: Sartorialist muse and Daddy’s girl.


BEAUTY BLOG: How do you stay inspired?

KARLA DERAS: I love making digital mood boards—I make them all the time.

Best compliment from a fan?

KARLA: When a girl says that my blog has encouraged her to just be herself, to feel comfortable in her own skin—or to go ahead and dress up. Everyone has insecurities; everyone has times when they feel ugly. When someone says I’ve helped to boost her confidence, it boosts my confidence!

Have you ever made a beauty mistake?

KARLA: I once dyed my hair blond. I looked like Eminem’s character, ‘Slim Shady’! And overdoing it with eyeshadow—that’s not a good look for me.

What does the future hold for Karla Deras?

KARLA: Anything and everything that’s creative. I would like to flip houses. I like designing—maybe jewelry, coffee table books, Creative Director for a brand. Or just opening a restaurant.

Any surprises while working with Duncan, your Nordstrom Beauty Stylist?

KARLA: I loved his take on the smoky eye. He created a really deconstructed, smudged-out look.

How does beauty affect your style?

KARLA: My style really changes with my hair. When I had a pixie, I wore a lot of vintage clothing. My style got a little sexier as my hair grew out.

Any beauty muses?

KARLA: I think Rooney Mara. Not stereotypical beauty. Christy Turlington; Lara Stone with a gap in her teeth.

Find out how Karla experiences her beauty.


Meet Joy the Baker—a self-taught cook and natural beauty whose delicious dishes are as delightful as their creator. Joy came by our store for a session with one of our Beauty Stylists then popped into her kitchen along with her cat, Jules Stevens (you’ll meet him later), to show us how to make some knockout food & drink.


“My everyday beauty style is super simple. I put on a tinted sunscreen, a touch of pink blush on my cheeks, a matte lip color in a sweet pink, and a hearty amount of mascara. I finish everything off with a translucent powder, and I’m back in the kitchen.”

“The beauty stylists at Nordstrom blow me away…they make the whole experience completely comfortable. I want my makeup routine to feel super simple in my everyday. Duncan taught me a super-quick tip for a perfectly dewy complexion and gave me a tutorial on long-lasting lip color. I left feeling like I could easily revamp my makeup routine at home.”

“The Cherry Pie was inspired by my favorite lip color this summer. I want my lips to look perpetually cherry stained. I love the cherry color of Bobbi Brown’s Sailor Lip Gloss and the bright YSL Rouge Pur Couture N40. They give me that bright pop of berry stained color…like I just had a slice of pie, right?”

“The Spinach Pesto Bites with Prosciutto and Mozzarella were inspired by Butter LONDON nail color…deep green is a playful color that transitions into the fall season really well.”

Jules Stevens eyeballing a snack. We had our eye on those too!

Shop all of Joy’s Beauty Picks, and check out her downloadable recipes for those spinach & pesto bites, a cherry pie and a dark & stormy cocktail over at Nordstrom Beauty Spot.

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Inventive. Imaginative. Funny. Well moisturized. Just a few ways to describe Erica Domesek, the savvy DIY doyen behind PS. I Made This.

“DIY is in my DNA. It’s just how my brain is programmed–but anyone can think that way. You just have to keep your eyes and mind open.” One of our favorite moments working with Erica came as that DIY DNA sprang into action, and she started customizing her Estée Lauder lipstick tube with colorful tape. Anything, no matter how small, can have a personalized touch.

“I grew up always looking at function and fashion. Re-purposing and re-imagining everyday objects has always been a part of my life.”

Erica’s space was filled with creativity and inspiration. You never know what’s going to fall out of my pocket!”

We love the idea of simple, everyday objects getting whipped up into something unexpected that’s both pretty and functional. Make your own tiered makeup stand with Erica’s step-by-step guide.

Erica’s beauty routine. “I’m pretty basic and simple. I’m a big moisturizer person. Big time! I get out of the shower and start with moisturizer. Makeup is great, but your skin is your own canvas, and you need to take care of it.” Shop Erica’s beauty picks.

“Beauty doesn’t have to mean a lipstick. It can mean the shade of a chandelier—gorgeous candlesticks to a flight of modified paints. Beauty is just something that makes you smile instantly.”



For Chriselle Lim, fashion blogger behind The Chriselle Factor, beauty is all about feeling good and feeling healthy. This fashion guru shares how she experiences beautyand in the process showed us a few camera-ready hair tricks.

When it comes to beautiful hair, Chriselle is drawn to big, sleek waves. We find her at Nordstrom picking up a Sultra Bombshell Curling Rod as she prepares for her night.

So what’s her everyday beauty style? “As a fashion blogger, I’m always changing it up,” says Chriselle. “One day I’m a rocker chick. The next day I’m boho. But when it comes to beauty, I’m such a creature of habit. My go-to products are: BB Cream, lip tint, cheek stain and mascara. Super easy! My makeup is pretty neutral; what’s important to me is dewy skin. I’m a sucker for skincare. I could spend all my money on that.”

Step 1: Starting 2-3″ from roots, wrap 1″ sections of hair around curling rod. Roll rod toward scalp to complete the curl. Before curling, spray each section with a setting spray.

Step 2: While curled section is still warm, wrap hair around two fingers to create a pin curl.

Biggest beauty mistake? “Shaving my brows in high school!”

Ideal brow? “I love thick brows, a little tattered and messy—not perfect. Like Cara Delevigne—I’m obsessed with her thick, straight brows.”

Step 3: Using a double-pronged curl clip, place clip inside curl, securing hair against your scalp. Keep pin curls in place until hair has cooled.

Step 4: When hair is cool to the touch, remove curl clips.

“Every moment is an ‘insta’ moment,” says the snap-ready tastemaker.

Not convinced? We suggest checking out her Instagram feed. Chriselle was born to document and share fabulous style inspiration.

Step 5: Gently brush curls with a mixed-bristle brush, shaping curls into desired wave. Set with a medium-hold hairspray and shine spray.

Favorite beautiful place? “I recently went to Taiwan. And while you wouldn’t necessarily think of anything peaceful in such a crazy-busy city, we visited Sun Moon Lake, which is perhaps the most amazingly beautiful place I’ve ever seen. It was so peaceful and serene.”

Glam Girl: This look represents Chriselle—and a hairstyle option that works for just about every situation.

Photo Fab: #Instagood #Nordstrom

Wondering how to turn a bad hair and makeup day into a good one? Check out Chriselle’s Picks!


Calling all beauty girls! The Nordstrom Beauty Spot wants to know: what’s in your makeup bag?


Spill your beauty bag using #Nordstrom

Show off your beauty faves and latest buys on Twitter via @Nordstrom and @NordstromBeauty, Facebook, Pinterest as well as Instagram, and be a part of the Nordstrom Beauty Spot network!


DJ Kiss: Nordstrom Beauty Spot

Meet DJ Kiss: Celebrity mixmaster. Soul sister. Fragrance fanatic. This Nordstrom Beauty Spot guest blogger shares how she rocks her makeup routine from day to night.

Experience your beauty

Beauty, to me, comes in so many different shapes and forms. It’s about finding your own beauty and being comfortable with it—being confident. Being comfortable in your own skin is sexy and beautiful! You’ll see someone and they may not be 5’11, 120 pounds – but they have an inner beauty that you can’t escape. I’d take that any day. Outer beauty fades, so it has to radiate from within.

Here’s how I rock my day beauty routine with the help of some great brands:

Step 1: Apply Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15 with a makeup sponge. I use a lighter shade all over my T-zone and a darker shade along my hairline where the sun hits. Pat Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer with a finger, under the eyes and wherever else you need it.

Step 2: Using short strokes, add depth to the lash line with Yves Saint Laurent Dessin du Regard Eye Pencil and smudge out with a blending tool.

Step 3: Sweep Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara to your lashes in a zig-zag motion, coating top and bottom lashes as you go.

Step 4: Use M·A·C Powder Blush to add a pop of color to the apples of the cheeks. You’ll want to work your brush (I love my Bobbi Brown Face Blender Brush) in a circular motion back toward hairline.

Step 5: Apply Bobbi Brown Rich Color Lip Gloss, starting in the center of lips and blending out for a perfect pout.

Music and beauty go hand-in-hand for me; I listen to it when I’m getting ready. Right now I really love indie dance and also nu disco, because it has a really strong element of funk—which is something that I love. Classic Soul is one of my favorites to spin, but I find beauty in all types of music, even classic rock—because it has soul too!

Often, just out of habit, I’ll gravitate toward my go-to brands—when really, there are tons out there. It’s great to explore and find different products.

Kiss The Girl: M·A·C Lip Pencil, M·A·C 116 Blush Brush, M·A·C Powder Blush, Essie Nail Polish – Blues, M·A·C ‘Haute & Naughty Lash’ MascaraJo Malone London French Lime Blossom Cologne (3.4 oz.) and Bobbi Brown ‘Rich Color’ Lip Gloss


When I change my look from day to night, I just make everything bigger and bolder. For my eyes, I take a normal-length line out to a cat-eye look, and add a darker, shimmery, charcoal eye shadow (usually in the corner of my eye to make it pop and add to the cat-eye shape); then I’ll add a pop of blush on the apples of my cheeks and finish it up with a bright lip gloss. That’s my signature nighttime look.

Check out DJ Kiss’ beauty picks for transitioning your makeup from day to night! You can also Live Chat or schedule an appointment in store with a Nordstrom Beauty Stylist, who can help introduce you to new products across the board and share some great tips for keeping your look fresh and interesting.

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Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be highlighting the experts featured on our Nordstrom Beauty Spot. First up, the delightful manicurist Madeline Poole (from MPNAILS).


About Madeline. “I’m from Baltimore, MD. I started experimenting with nails about two and a half years ago and went to beauty school in LA. I started working about a year after that, full time, and I just recently moved to New York.

“When I was little my dad asked me what I wanted to be. I said, ‘I just want to be an expert.’ At the time, I didn’t know what kind. But now I am! I usually just say, ‘I’m a manicurist.’ Yes, I am a nail artist, but I’m also a manicurist. I take care of the hands, and clean manicures are beautiful to me. I don’t want to be pigeonholed as a nail artist.”

Beauty Stylist experience. “Stephanie, my stylist, was great! She brought me classic lip colors and a tinted moisturizer—because I’m scared of too much makeup. I like to even out my skin tone because it’s a little blotchy.

“Stephanie introduced me to this Giorgio Armani ‘Flash’ Lip Lacquer (Pink 522). I never wear lip gloss, but it’s almost like you’re wearing a clear gloss and have naturally pink lips. It’s a good lip option for the daytime.

“I love the way mascara looks, but when I’m out all day, I always come home with the raccoon look. Stephanie recommended Trish McEvoy High-Volume Mascara. The comb is really thin. It doesn’t collect a lot of mascara on it.”

Check out Madeline’s step-by-step instructions for three amazing custom-curated nail art looks.

Tips for a professional-quality manicure. “Create a clean canvas. Really prep your nails before you start. Scrub your nails with soap water and really clean them—it really helps and gets rid of cuticle. But don’t cut your cuticles!

“If you want your nail polish to stay longer, swipe with Deborah Lippmann ‘The Stripper’ Nail Lacquer Remover. It removes oil from the nail plate. Oil is the enemy of nail polish. This helps polish adhere longer.

“Also, if you’re looking for long-lasting polish, I’ve found that colors with a bit of shimmer tend to stay better.

“To clean up nail polish spills on skin, use an angled makeup brush (like M•A•C’s #266).”


We’re celebrating a new approach to beauty at Nordstrom Beauty Spot—along with more ways to explore the fun side of beauty. Whether in store or online, through Twitter or Instagram, Nordstrom Beauty Spot is designed to inspire, offer expert advice, help you play with the trends and be your most beautiful you.

In honor of this new experience, we connected six of our favorite tastemakers with our Beauty Stylists to play with fall’s best makeup trends. Each created custom designs inspired by her discoveries. From fashion blogger to makeup maven, DJ to DIY diva, nail artist to beach-babe baker: these talented women use their passions and pursuits to express beauty in unique ways.


Fashion blogger Karla Deras (above, top) of Karla’s Closet created custom how-tos for fall makeup looks. Style chameleon and beauty blogger Chriselle Lim (above, bottom) teased up three custom styles for fab fall hair.

Star spinmaster DJ Kiss (above, top) mixed up a playlist of her favorite “get-ready” tunes. DIY expert Erica Domesek (above, bottom), founder of P.S. I Made This, designed an easy DIY project to organize your home “beauty spot.”

Celebrity nail artist Madeline Poole (above, top) curated exclusive nail art designs. Online culinary queen Joy the Baker (above, bottom) whipped up three delicious beauty-inspired recipes.

To learn more about our tastemakers, see their favorite beauty picks and download their amazing custom creations, visit our online Nordstrom Beauty Spot experience.