Philip Pelusi

Tela Beauty Organics founder Philip Pelusi was tasked with creating the hair concept at the Venexiana fall ’14 show. Inspired by 14th-century coquettes, Philip went for a braided updo that was demure, elegant and represented the spirit of that age.

The celebrity hairstylist and designer Kati Stern do a quick interview backstage.

Philip says, “To ‘glam up’ your hairstyle and create this look at home, you’ll want to custom make a faux hairpiece. You can find different lengths, colors and textures at your local beauty supply store. Simply take two sections, twist and secure at each end. Begin to apply it to the top of your head and proceed with the easy-to-follow steps below.”

1) Use Tela’s Composer to slick hair straight back into a ponytail.

2) lace a twisted roll of faux hair like a headband behind the ears.
3) Secure with pins and wrap around the ponytail.
4) Use Composer and Tela’s Hair Gloss to smooth flyaways.
5) Divide the ponytail into two sections.

6) Twist the first section.
7) Proceed to wrap the twisted section, tuck it in on the left side of the ponytail and pin.
8) Repeat the step with the remaining section.
9) Finish with Tela’s Reduce styling spray for a smooth and polished look.

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Celebrity hairstylist Philip Pelusi and team created a Venetian-inspired look using organic products by Tela. Tela is the first brand to bring USDA-certified organics to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!

Re-create the look with these Tela Beauty Organics products:

Prep with ‘Healer’ Hair Repair.
Step 1: Make a center part 3/4 of the way from the hairline to the crown. Use ‘Dri’ Shampoo as needed throughout the look.
Step 2: Section a triangle around the crown of the head. Pin this section aside.
Step 3: On each side of the head, create a twisted rope braid; ponytail it off just below the crown.
Step 4: Use 12-inch sections of prebraided hair. Pin the prebraided pieces on top of the natural-hair rope braid. The prebraided hairpieces should meet at the nape of the neck, creating a V shape.
Step 5: Ponytail all hair tight to the nape. For hold, shape and definition use ‘Encore’ Organic Dri Styling Créme and Split End Repair. Braid remaining hair into a 3-strand braid.
Step 6: Tuck remaining hair under and pin.
Finish with ‘Composer’ Organic Styling for moisture-rich shine and to hold the look.

You can also try twisting instead of braiding for an easier at-home solution.