Sarah Zaret

We’re excited about summer fragrances that not only smell great in the heat, but also evoke the perfect sunny retreat. We asked Sarah Zaret and Iris Brostowicz—two of our Beauty Stylists who specialize in fragrance—to spill on the most delectable new and classic scents inspired by summer memories.

Lei It On: Say, “summer vacation” and instantly an island getaway comes to mind. We all agree that nothing smells more like paradise than exotic flowers. Bronze Goddess from Estée Lauder teams classic suntan coconut with Tahitian gardenia. Sarah says it makes her want to turn up Ziggy Marley’s “Beach in Hawaii” for an instant mahalo moment. Eau de Lune by Laura Mercier picks mysterious plumeria to linger above other white florals and musk. The results? The perfect scent for an intimate island evening spent in a moonlit grotto. Iris loves BVLGARI Omnia Coral for a “fresh, fruity scent that somehow doesn’t overpower the senses on a sweltering day.” We bet the delicious combination of sparkling citrus with the allure of hibiscus will keep you cool in the cabana.

Stylist Tip: Summer gives perfume a one-two punch. Scents smell stronger on the skin, but sweat makes staying power take a dive. The solution? For easiest wear, opt for fragrances with excellent sillage but fewer spicy and sweet notes.

Island Longing: The noses at Bond No. 9 blended Shelter Island to recall every detail of a laid-back Long Island summer. Starting with an opulent opening of precious oud, shore-skimming marine notes quickly lure you to grab your weekender and escape the big city. Our experts love that this unisex scent satisfies both women and men looking to break out of their summer fragrance box.

Gold Coast: Feeling even more adventurous? Iris suggests Rive d’Ambre by Tom Ford for its “warm and compelling” notes. “It wraps the wearer in a blend of citrus fruits and amber. Based in essential oils, this perfume elevates daily fragrance,” she says. We couldn’t have made it sound any more daringly delicious.

Scent Staycation: Finally, for those of us who can’t get away, we can always take a journey of the mind with a great summer read. Iris cites The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende as a fave because it “pulls you into its complexities and fully entertains your mind. I would pair it with Oyédo by diptyque. It’s just as complex and fulfilling to the nose as the book is to the reader.”  Yuzu citrus lends its multifaceted Asian charm to this intricate olfactory treat, named after Edo, the former name of Tokyo.

For more summer fragrance suggestions—from fresh to floral to fruityvisit our Summer Scents Shop.

Photo credits: Mona Lee, Liz Marklewicz, Stefanie Frank, Marcie Rouman & Amy Morgan



Hi, lovelies! My name is Sarah Zaret, and every day, I’m tasked with the duty of guiding women through the glamorous world of makeup as a Nordstrom Beauty Stylist at the Mission Viejo store in the O.C. of California. I’ve been working in the cosmetics and skincare industries for more than 15 years, 11 of them with Nordstrom.

I graduated from the Studio Makeup Academy of Hollywood, and while training there, I developed a passion for old Hollywood, vintage-inspired looks.

Cover Girl: Ricki VanDusen, photographed by Irving Penn for Vogue, March 1948

My great-aunt, Ricki VanDusen, was a supermodel in the ’40s and ’50s and appeared on several covers for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines. Isn’t she flawless? Her skin was perfection! Mastering the art of timeless beauty is not only my passion; it’s also part of my DNA.

For seven years, I performed facials as an Instructrice de Beauté for Clarins, where I learned that importance of cleansing the skin every morning and evening, the benefits of exfoliation and the best tips to hydrate the skin from the inside out. Right now, I can’t live without Kate Somerville’s ‘DermalQuench Liquid Lift’ Advanced Wrinkle Treatment. One of the key ingredients is hyaluronic acid, which deeply hydrates the skin to improve elasticity, firmness and texture.

Movie Magic: Gene Kornman snaps Marilyn Monroe’s publicity photo for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1953

Since I was a little girl, photos and women that exuded radiant beauty have surrounded me. My great-grandfather, Gene Kornman, was a famous still glamour photographer from the 1930s to the ’50s, and he captured some of the most iconic images of Marilyn Monroe for films like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Niagara.

Timeless Glamour: My great-grandfather took this photo of Marilyn for the 1953 film Niagara. Here’s my best pinup girl-inspired style (right), photographed by Laura Byrnes.

My gramps knew how to bring out a woman’s natural beauty, and he certainly passed down those skills to me. While working as a makeup artist for Laura Mercier, I truly adapted her philosophy on creating a “naturally flawless face.” Make a shimmering statement and snag the Laura Mercier ‘Enchanted’ Color Collection, which is a Nordstrom exclusive ($89 value).

If you’re looking for new look or just a simple revamp of products in your makeup bag, let me help you bring out your own unique star quality.

Nordstrom Beauty Stylists are professionally trained across all our beauty, fragrance and men’s grooming brands to handpick the perfect products for you. If you’re in the O.C. area, stop by and say hi to Sarah (and get some of her beauty expertise!) at our Mission Viejo store. You can also Live Chat with an online Beauty Stylist now, or call 1.800.7beauty to schedule an appointment in store.