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Stylist Spotlight: Jane So

Jane So, a Nordstrom Beauty Stylist from Montgomery Mall in Maryland, shares her guide to flawless, radiant skin.

My mom and me

Growing up, I always admired how beautiful my mother was. She is my greatest inspiration: a fashion designer and artist who always rocked her own unique style. I was inspired to embrace my own kind of beauty and not be afraid to stand out. After exploring different positions in retail, I fell in love with being a beauty stylist. My goal is to bring true beauty from within. I want to inspire people to be their own kind of beautiful and feel confident in their own skin, just like my mother taught me.

I love being a beauty stylist because it allows me the freedom to not only express my creativity but to customize beautiful looks for every customer. As a beauty stylist, I can share my knowledge and teach people how to be their very best! I love that I’m able to provide personal product recommendations and create a one-of-a-kind beauty. I am your ‘go-to’ girl, your best friend for beauty and someone you can trust! I will be there whenever you need me and you can count on me to make your day an amazing one! I love what I do because it embraces all that I am and gives me the chance to share my beauty secrets and bring true beauty within everyone. Today, let me share my secret to flawless, radiant skin!

“Be the best version of you!” This was a fun one-on-one beauty master class I had with my customer Michelle, where we focused on achieving radiant skin.

Want to glow and shine bright like a diamond? This season is all about healthy, glowing skin, and I want to share with you some of my favorite products!

First, I cleanse by gently massaging Erno Laszlo ‘Phelityl’ Pre-Cleansing Oil into the skin. Then I dip my Erno Laszlo ‘Sea Mud’ Deep Cleansing Bar into warm water and massage the bar directly onto the face, rinsing with warm water after a few minutes.

Once the skin is cleansed, I protect with Clarins ‘Double Serum®’ Complete Age Control Concentrate before applying any makeup products. This powerful serum is made up of 20 pure plant extracts and potent, high-tech molecules. You will get firmer skin, reduced wrinkles, more even skin tone and less visible pores in just four weeks.

To add radiance, I use Laura Mercier ‘Radiance Bronze’ Primer to give skin a smooth, glowy surface. Wear this fabulous product alone or under your foundation for a sun-kissed glow. Hydrating, water-based gel preps skin with radiance. It’s formulated with a blend of jojoba oils and vitamins A, C and E to keep skin healthy.

Lastly, I touch up the face with CHANEL ‘Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour SPF 15’ powder to add a soft contour around the frame of the face. This is a beautiful product that will enhance, brighten and bronze for a custom glow with a sheer, luminous finish.


Christopher Stark, one of our talented Beauty Stylists from Nordstrom Natick Mall, shares some of his go-to summer beauty essentials as well as his current favorite makeup trends.

Twenty years apiece of hairdressing and makeup artistry allow me to be fairly edited as far as what and how I sell to my customers. 
It is my biggest belief that every person who sits in my chair should be given a look that she loves and can achieve at home. I always want people to feel their best and, most importantly, feel confident that they can apply their makeup themselves. Being a beauty stylist is a dream job, as I can be honest and straightforward about everything I recommend…and stay away from!

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Armed with a degree in photography and years of experience as a Beauty Stylist (currently at Nordstrom Topanga), Iris Brostowicz shares her expert advice for any bride to achieve the perfect skin, makeup and photos at her wedding.

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Nancy Nesby, a Beauty Stylist at The Grove in L.A., is getting us all excited about her favorite new 2-in-1 product—below, she tells us how to wear it this spring.

Hello, Nordstrom beauties!

Springtime is here, and when I think of spring, images of newly bloomed flowers, sweet chocolate and radiant sunshine come to mind. What better time than this to showcase my love affair with all things fresh and pretty and show off the new 2-in-1 Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Kiss & Blush?

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Stylist Spotlight: Elina Dugan

Our Beauty Stylist Elina Dugan at store 423, The Village at Corte Madera, shares her passion for a bright, bold orange lip and how to wear it.

Are you ready to sparkle and shine your way into spring? This time of year awakens a craving for change and a need for expression. And there’s no better way to express yourself than through color. The garments decorating the runways of Fashion Week 2014 soak up splashes of color spanning all shades of the rainbow. The beauty trends also show a wide range of looks including pastel-swiped lids, icy lips, defined cat-eye liner and smoky-blue kohl-rimmed eyes.

Orange lips as seen at the fall 2014 shows of Anya Hindmarch & Adam Selman.

But the beauty trend that has enchanted me the most is the orange lip. When I was younger and just discovering lipstick, I admired women who had the confidence to wear red lipstick. Now I admire women who rock hues like tangerine or pumpkin.

I like to think of orange as my warm-weather red! And it doesn’t have to be scary. Orange, in one shade or another, has been a trend for a few seasons now. I’ve found that my clients with olive and golden complexions look best in true orange tones with warm undertones, like M·A·C Lipstick in Morange or Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in Valencia Orange.

My clients with a rosy or fair complexion look better with oranges that have more pink undertones, like Laura Mercier ‘Spring Renaissance’ Crème Smooth Lip Color in Palm Beach or Trish McEvoy Lip Color in Flirt. Bolder shades can be toned down by choosing a deeper or more neutral lip liner. Choosing an orange gloss over an existing favorite lipstick may be a good way to ease oneself into this fun trend.

I showed my friend Deb, who ALWAYS wears a soft pink lip (very beautifully, I must add), that orange doesn’t have to be over the top and dramatic. For her light complexion, I chose CHANEL VARIATION ROUGE ALLURE VELVET LUMINOUS MATTE LIP COLOR in La Favorite and Yves Saint Laurent ‘Gloss Volupte’ Lip Gloss in #204. I defined the lips with Yves Saint Laurent Lip Liner Pencil in #7, which has cinnamon tones.

To complement her peachy pout, I added CHANEL JOUES CONTRASTE POWDER BLUSH in In Love to the apples of her cheeks and swept it up on her cheekbones. I kept her eye makeup minimal but defined her lash line with Laura Mercier Longwear Eye Pencil in Noir and brightened her eyelids with Trish McEvoy ‘Eye Base Essentials’ Brightening Eyeshadow Primer in Sand.

There are hundreds of ways to wear an orange lip and dozens of shades that would look good on you. So plunge right in, or baby-step into it this spring. I would love to show you YOUR perfect orange lip.

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Stylist Spotlight: Stacey Schannon


This month, we’re shining a light on Stacey Schannon, one of our original Beauty Stylists hailing from Nordstrom Horton Plaza in San Diego. She’s giving us the lowdown on everything from her favorite 2014 trends to her top five must-have beauty products.

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Stylist Spotlight: Cory Treadwell

Acquaint yourself with Cory Treadwell, a Beauty Stylist at our flagship store in Seattle. Last month, Cory captivated us with his artistry for our Halloween makeover feature, and now he’s sharing a few skincare tricks and tips.

Which skincare product would you say is a winter necessity?
CORY: During the winter months, it is important to hydrate and hydrate some more! I absolutely recommend AMOREPACIFIC ‘Moisture Bound’ Rejuvenating Creme. Not only is it a lightweight crème, but it also has a time release of 24 hours! Meaning that once you put it on, it’s there to stay and you cannot wash off the benefits, which makes this product from AMOREPACIFIC not only effective but also simple.

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Beauty Stylist Alex Ross has been doing makeup for over 19 years. And although, he started his career out studying special effects makeup in LA, his true calling turned out to be more on the classic side—everyday flawless to timeless wedding-day glow. Get to know this Durham-based artist with a passion for keeping his customers looking beautiful and fresh for all of life’s special occasions.


BEAUTY BLOG: Bridal beauty is one of your areas of expertise. What excites you most about the art of wedding makeup?

ALEX ROSS: I really love creating a classic look. Being able to help someone customize her own unique take on ‘timeless’, on one of the happiest days in her life, makes doing bridal makeup so much fun!

How do you help a soon-to-be bride look her most beautiful?

ALEX: I truly love sitting down with a customer and learning about the concept of their wedding. Finding out about the colors, location and decorations allows me to devise a color palette specific to each bride. But, before I start consulting on the makeup, I want to know about her skincare regimen. Having great skin is half the work for doing a perfect bridal look. I want the skin glowing and fresh.

When it comes to planning a winter wedding, what types of makeup trends and products are on your radar?

ALEX: Most of the time, I like to avoid “trend” makeup looks for weddings. I want people to look back at their wedding albums and not be able to tell what decade they were married in. Did she get married in 1913, 2013, or 2113? However, I do love a blushing bride. Part of the look is giving a multi-dimensional cheek. I don’t think we have a perfect look unless we use at least 3 blushes. Also, what helps during the winter months is a traditional red lip. It can be tricky to maintain, but with a good lip liner, a semi-matte/cream lipstick, powder and a straw, you can have a great lip that will last for a few hours!

Tell us about one of the best bridal looks you created and what made it so special.

ALEX: I had a very close client of mine ask me to do her wedding. It was an amazing mix of traditional 1920s style with a flair of modern. We did false lashes in the style of the ’20s, a traditional red lip, and flawless skin. It was outdoors, so natural lighting was very important! I always think back to that wedding and all the bridesmaids. It was fun and challenging to give them each a unique look for the overall effect!

What makeup artists inspire you?

ALEX: I am inspired by Pat McGrath when it comes to edgy, fashion looks, but François Nars is still my hero. He once said, “Don’t be so serious, it’s only makeup.” And I really love this quote, because beauty should be fun.

Planning a wedding or just need a quick midday makeover? Visit Alex at the North Carolina Nordstrom store located at the Streets at Southpoint in Durham, or find a Beauty Stylist near you! And be sure to bookmark The Wedding Suite blog for 24/7 bridal bliss.


We tapped Duncan Smith, one of our Beauty Stylists at Nordstrom Westside Pavilion in L.A., to help style three of our tastemakers featured on Nordstrom Beauty Spot. We followed along to capture this stylist superhero in action. Here’s what he had to share, from super-handy tips & tricks to his favorite looks for fall.

Why did you become a Beauty Stylist?
Ever since I was little, I have been into art: sketching, painting and creating things. One day, I just changed my medium to makeup. It is amazing the things that makeup can do to enhance and transform a person. Seeing the happy reactions of women as they look in the mirror is priceless.

By working with many different lines and really paying special attention to trends in makeup styling and cosmetic technologies I have gained a wealth of knowledge that I am excited to share everyday with my clients and coworkers.

What was it like working with our tastemakers, Karla, Chriselle, and Joy?

This project was so fun! It really was an honor to have the opportunity to work with these women. It was interesting to hear their stories and to begin to get to know them in the short period of time we had together. I am so glad that Nordstrom partnered with these women.

What tips did you give each of them?
Two of my favorite tricks that I shared with all three of them were how to properly make skin more luminous and how to define the eye without looking like they were wearing eyeliner.

For luminzing skin, I like to use a method that is used by Trish McEvoy creating a ‘Triangle of Light.’ Bringing the luminizing product (cream, liquid or powder) under the eye, to the top of the apple of the cheek and then up again to the top of the cheek bone. This creates a beautiful, diffused sheen that makes darkness under the eye less apparent and gives the cheek an amazing lift.

For defining the lash line, paint eyeliner under the top lashes filling in gaps between lashes making the lashes look much, much fuller. I will often use an eyeliner pencil that is safe for the waterline or Laura Mercier’s ‘Tightline’ cake eyeliner.

What did they discover during their time with you?
Karla is a makeup girl. For her, it was really about honing in and finding something new to share with her. The trick was to really give her makeup that looked uncontrived and lived in. I used mostly cream products and blended them out until edges were seamless.

On the other hand, Joy was not much of a makeup person, so using products that were nearly undetectable, yet perfected was extremely important.

Chriselle said you helped her achieve a smoky eye, which she didn’t think she could pull off. Share the wealth!
Chriselle felt that doing makeup for an Asian eye is difficult, so she only felt comfortable wearing eyeliner. I was able to show her that actually, a smoky look is the best and most flattering for her and her eye shape. Creating a soft gradation with the deepest color at the lash line and working the color up until it diffused in the crease created a natural contour that opened the eye and created more lift.

[Tip: The biggest trick for doing makeup on an eye where the ‘crease’ is not naturally defined is to stick your chin up and look down into your mirror. Magic! You can see where the crease is. By adding a color that is just a couple shades deeper than your skin tone, into the shadow that is created, you will have a perfectly contoured crease every time.]

What are the questions you always get? What do you tell people?
The number one thing that my customers ask me is, “How do I look younger?” I tell them that the trick is really to use lightweight products that create minimal texture on the skin and to use colors that are fresh and with varying levels of sheen to play tricks with light.

When a customer asks, “Can you come home with me?” I tell them that I would love to, but I am really expensive. Instead, I book them for a complimentary appointment–sometimes several–so that I can really teach them, showing them exactly why all the proper tools, techniques and products are essential to achieve their ideal look. Practicing is the key.

Favorite new things right now?
1. My Clarisonic Aria!
2. I am also loving the new ‘Always Sharp’ Eye Pencils from Smashbox. The colors are great, but the fact that you never have to sharpen your pencil makes them absolutely amazing!
3. This isn’t a new product, but I love the Dr. Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel Pads. The trick is to wait the full 2 minutes after the first pad, then use the neutralizing pad. And yes, use the neutralizing pad because the ingredients in it are amazing for anti-aging!

Anyone in the world…who would you want in your stylist chair?
I would love to work with Ke$ha. Sounds crazy, but I think we would have so much fun…and I’m a sucker for glitter.

Looks you love right now?
For fall, I am loving the focus on brows! I use three products to create the best brow. I am obsessed with Anastasia’s Lash Genius to hold a brow in place. I use it first because it really allows for the other brow products to adhere properly to the skin and give a super sculpted look. Then with an angle brush, I use two colors of brow powders, one about two shades lighter than the brow first, and the second, the same color of the brow. This gives an extremely natural diffusion of color making the brow look more natural.

The other trend that I am in love with is a dark lip. Whether it is a deep wine stain in the center of the lip, or a perfectly defined, nearly black lip, I love it!



When it comes the business of beauty, Candace Duong plays by her own rules. This Braintree, Massachusetts-based Beauty Stylist got her start in the industry as a part-time beauty consultant and quickly realized she preferred a makeup station to the office of her 9-5. On a mission to help women find the confidence they need to live and express themselves freely, Candace shares just why she set out to blaze her own trail in beauty.

What is the best beauty advice you were given growing up?
CANDACE DUONG: My best friend of 14 years, Mindi, has always encouraged me to be different, step outside of the box and do what makes me feel happy. She was the first to introduce me to hair coloring, tweezers, lip gloss and French manicures. Mindi went to school for fashion design and is a total fashionista; she is never scared to try something different. I totally look up to her when it comes to beauty and following your dreams.

Which element of your job do you most enjoy?
CANDACE: Being the GO-TO person! I love being able to educate others on products and show people my tips and tricks. It’s so rewarding to help women feel good from the inside out, whether that’s answering questions or telling a customer that their beauty routine is on point. Growing up, I never thought that I would be the person that people would ask for beauty advice, and it feels great to be considered an expert in my field.

Need a quick in-store makeover? If the answer is yes, Candace has you covered!

What is the biggest beauty mistake you see women make?
CANDACE: Wearing too much makeup is never ok! Too many times, I have had to show a woman with a flawless face [that she doesn’t need] full coverage foundation. Makeup should enhance your natural beauty and not mask you. Plus, if you have amazing skin, you need to show it off!

When you are not at work, how do you like to spend your time?
CANDACE: I love to relax on my days off; I enjoy doing yoga in my living room and take my time drinking tea on my balcony. Wednesdays are my sleep-in days; I never get out of bed earlier than noon on a Wednesday. I believe my body and mind need the maximum hours of sleep at least one day a week to restore and rejuvenate.

Revamping your beauty routine doesn’t have to be extreme. It can be as simple as a learning a new nail design.

What is your advice to aspiring beauty stylists?
CANDACE: Share your knowledge and learn from others! You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from one another when you’re willing to be open-minded and step outside of your comfort zone. And that’s not just with coworkers—I’ve learned so much from my stylish customers over the years!

Nordstrom Beauty Stylists are professionally trained across all our beauty, fragrance and men’s grooming brands to handpick the perfect products for you. If you’re in the Braintree, MA area, stop by and say hi to Candace (and get some of her beauty expertise!) at our South Shore Plaza store. You can also Live Chat with an online Beauty Stylist now, or call 1.800.7beauty to schedule an appointment in store.