The Zero + Maria Cornejo SS15 collection was a combination of nostalgia and femininity, inspired by a recent trip to London and Venice which was reminiscent of her time spent there in her youth—Cornejo used lace and light weight fabrics to create a casually understated effect. Dick Page for Shiseido and James Pecis for PHYTO and T3 were tasked with creating a fresh, summery, innocent look.

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The beauty look at Derek Lam’s Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show perfectly captured a new take on nude. What started out as a conceptual “no makeup look” evolved into a sophisticated, natural color palette of lavender, mauve and violet.


Tom Pecheux for M·A·C was inspired by the colors and quality of Lam’s materials used in his fashion; he brilliantly centered the makeup look around a violet eye, making it the perfect complement to his cool, textured, earthy tones. Using a lipstick called Violetta, he placed it on the eyelid with his finger and blended it up into the crease.


Eyeshadow in ‘Force of Nature’ (a slightly metallic, taupe-y mauve), was used on top of the lower eyelid only, playing off the creaminess of the lipstick and creating the perfect blend of a warm/cool neutral. Brown eyeliner and a coat of black mascara, followed by a coat of violet mascara just on the tips of the lashes, finished it off. Satin skin, a peachy pink cream blush and a nude peach lip completed this stunning new take on neutral.


Nails were polished and fresh, courtesy of JINsoon’s nude nail combination of Nostalgia, a semi-opaque rose-beige, and Muse, a sheer pink (the perfect combo to complement any and all skin tones!). A high-shine top coat left an overall effect that was finished yet understated.


Meanwhile, Orlando Pita for Phyto and T3 wanted the models’ hair to be textured and earthy. He created an off-center part after drying their hair and adding shine and moisture, then hair-sprayed around the ears and up. A do-rag was fitted just over the models’ heads, so the hair stayed flat throughout the prep and the strands kept their texture. A large-barrel curling iron was used to add imperfections and bumps at the end of the hair, which made the completed style “look good, but not overdone.”


Backstage Beauty: Derek Lam

Some say boys will be boys, but beauty boys will bring the glam, and this was precisely the case backstage at Derek Lam, where Tom Pecheux for Estée Lauder and Orlando Pita for PHYTO and T3 created a smoky, sleek statement.

“Derek’s collection is strong, urban, ethnic-inspired with an emphasis on texture. The makeup look is strong, yet fluid, with pools of grey and green surrounding the eye. I was inspired by water, a lagoon, deep and cool,” said Pecheux, Estée Lauder’s Creative Makeup director, who is on his ninth consecutive season with the designer.

This translated into an extreme smoky eye that was described as more of a raccoon eye. Instead of black, Tom used shades of blue, green and grey to achieve this look.

Artist Tip: Coat the eye and fingers with powder first, as it helps absorb the oil for a better application.

Hair How-To: The inspiration behind the hair was multicultural, urban, and tribal. According to Orlando Pita, he was tasked to “make something simple look special.” This was achieved by creating a low ponytail with a middle part and lots of texture.

Get the look:
1) Spray PHYTO ‘Phytovolume Actif’ Volumizer Spray throughout the hair to give it texture and volume, then give it a gentle blow-dry with T3’s ‘Featherwieght Luxe 2i’ Dryer (healthier than air drying!).
2) For a loose wave in the hair, use a curling iron like the  T3 ‘BodyWaver’ Styling Iron from the ear level down to the ends.
3) Use a comb to create a more exact middle part.
4) Apply a glossing cream and sculpting gel for hold and shine, and then collect back into a low ponytail. Secure with elastic.
5) Tease ponytail to create texture and additional volume.
6) Finish with a light-hold hair spray.

Just Nail It: JINsoon creator Jin Soon Choi created a simple and classic nail that beautifully allowed the bold patterns and textures in the clothes to shine.

Re-create this fresh, polished and understated nail look:
1) Apply JINsoon Power & Base Coat to prep the nails.
2) To create warmth, apply one coat of JINsoon ‘Nostalgia’ Nail Lacquer.
3) Next, layer one coat of JINsoon ‘Muse’ Nail Lacquer for a warm and soft look.
4) Finish by applying a single coat of JINsoon Top Gloss & Coat.

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T3 Tools x Danilo

Noted hairstylist Danilo perfects the chignon ponytail backstage at Desigual’s spring ’14 show. Using T3 tools, learn how to recreate this savvy runway style at home.

Inspiration: Euro chic/lifestyle—casual, undone elegance that looks effortless

Women’s Look: Low ponytail-wrapped chignon

1. To prep hair, apply a detangling conditioning spray.

2. Give hair texture at the crown by raking through a dime-sized amount of texturizing creme and finger-drying with the T3 ‘Featherweight Luxe 2i’ Dryer.

Expert tip: For women with flat hair, use the T3 ‘BodyWaver’ Styling Iron to create natural-looking curves.

3. Style hair by creating a classic center part and pulling hair into a low ponytail with an elastic hair tie.

4. Fold the ponytail under and half-wrap the end of the ponytail around the base, securing the ends with crisscrossed bobby pins.

5. Finish the look by wrapping remaining hair/ends around the elastic hair tie. Pull out a few pieces of hair in the front to enhance the casual glamour.

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Get Octavia Spencer’s sleek and chic top knot from the 2013 Oscars with tips from her hair stylist, Jill Crosby and T3.

“Octavia is wearing a Tadashi Shoji dress with beautiful tulle, which (to me) resembled a ballerina. I wanted her look to be youthful and soft to complement the dress. I added the bangs to soften the look, along with a ventilated hairpiece that was color-blended to match her hair.”

“Octavia was freaking out; she loved it!” —Jill Crosby

Jill’s steps to achieve this look:
Smooth: Start by smoothing the hair with the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer and AntriGravity Barrel Brush, then set the hair in T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers.

Curl: Once the hair is smoothed, put it up into a high ponytail and curl it with T3 SinglePass Twirl Curling Iron.

Extend: Add a full, pre-curled hair extension piece to the ponytail. To prepare extensions, take large sections of hair and wrap them around the barrel of the curling iron in a corkscrew style to create big, loose waves.

Finish: Once the hairpiece is pinned in, work the ponytail into a wavy chignon—use a 2.5-inch straight pin to pin it back. Don’t be too gentle when making the chignon. Don’t try to make it too perfect, or it’ll go ‘prom-ish.’ Let there be some natural texture to it.

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