The Right Mud Treatment for Your Skin, the Best Eats in L.A. and More with GLAMGLOW Founders Glenn & Shannon Dellimore

Back when it all started in 2010, GLAMGLOW was so exclusive it didn’t have a name and could be found only in mysterious plain containers at sound stages across Hollywood for use solely by makeup artists. With a cult following of celebrities who appreciated its ability to produce camera-ready skin in no time, word of mouth among industry insiders quickly reached the public and grew this “magic mud” into the super-popular line of treatments and cleansers we thankfully all have access to today.

Founders Glenn and Shannon Dellimore gave us some time to talk about their brand’s beginnings, which mud is right for any skin concern and their favorite places in Los Angeles, which they call home.


What’s the story behind GLAMGLOW? How did it all get started?
GLAMGLOW was born when Shannon and I were at a dinner party in the Hollywood Hills. That night, an actor friend confided he could not find a product to make his skin camera-ready in minutes—a product that could instantly refine pores, diminish visible imperfections, reduce fine lines and produce a noticeable glow that lasted for days. This became a topic of conversation and the verdict among fellow actors was unanimous. There was not a convenient, easy-to-use skin care product designed for instant camera-ready skin. With no background in skin care we set out to create a unique treatment for our friends armed with our imagination and a handful of willing celebrity test subjects. Extensive research led us to create a revolutionary formula that exceeded all expectations.


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