Vacation Beauty Tips and Essentials: 3 Must-Haves from 8 Beauty Stylists


It’s travel season, and we’re all daydreaming about vacations and long weekends and a few lazy days to come. We love looking our best, but we’re also always on the lookout for multitaskers, must-haves and travel-sized beauty products to keep packing as painless as possible. We asked a handful of our Online Beauty Stylists to let us in on their favorite destinations, some pro tips and what they pack to get away.


My getaway spot would be California, my home state. You can never get bored there. If I’m not catching up with my family, you can find me going on a hike or relaxing on the beach. I can’t get enough of the sun. Rain or shine, these are the three things you will never find me without:

1. Supergoop! continuous mist broad spectrum SPF 50: Doesn’t matter where I’m at, I always keep Supergoop with me. I feel like people don’t take sun protection seriously–including my sisters. I was known to spray them when they’re not looking–now they are hooked. I’ll protect everyone one spray at a time.

2. Clarins beauty flash balm: I like to call this “my energy in a tube.” I love to apply this after a flight for a quick pick me up; it helps eliminate any sign of fatigue in a flash.

3. philosophy purity made simple one-step facial cleanser: This cleanser is hands down the best. After a long day, I turn to Purity to melt away any dirt, oil and makeup off my face. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and so clean.


My idea of an amazing weekend is turning up at my favorite clubs. Eye roll, I know. But I grew up in the middle of nowhere (I’m pretty sure my hometown doesn’t have a Wikipedia page), and I’m still in my early twenties, so big-city clubbing hasn’t lost its novelty on me. Here are my faves for looking my best on the dance floor.

1. St. Tropez self tan bronzing mousse: Out dancing, you’re probably showing a little skin, and you’ll probably want a little golden glow. St. Tropez shatters nearly every self-tanner stereotype: it gives a natural hue that isn’t yellow—or worse, orange (scary!)—there’s no overt self-tan smell, and NO streaks. Whether you have a natural warmth or you’re genetically glow-in-the-dark (aka me), St. Tropez is a must-have for an all-over bronze.

2. Creed Virgin Island Water fragrance: Experts often speak about how powerfully scent impacts how people view one another. Same here. I’m always talking about it, because it’s true! Virgin Island Water is a vacation in a bottle. Less National Lampoon’s Vacation and more Kate Moss and Naomi on a yacht in the Caribbean.

3. DERMAdoctor® MED e TATE® antiperspirant wipes: If you’re doing it right, your body will probably want to sweat while you’re dancing. It’s okay though; it happens to everyone. Except me. Sorry. I use DERMAdoctor MED e TATE antiperspirant wipes. 😉 They keep me totally sweat free no matter what. I’ve been in crowded clubs when my fave song has come on and still have been as dry as a ’90s movie anti-hero during an intense club scene.



My Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day are already accounted for with some legendary plans, and there are some essentials that I definitely need to bring with me to cover the basics. From a waterless cleanser to a touch of makeup: these are the simple-but-necessary items you will always catch in my bag.

1. philosophy purity made simple facial cleansing cloths: Whether going camping, traveling in a car or just committing a good chunk of time to Netflix (totally has been me on more than one occasion), these cloths are for anyone who can’t get to a shower or just doesn’t have the energy at the end of the day. No sink required. They’re super soft and gentle enough to use on the eye area. They come in a pack of thirty, are disposable and are travel friendly (and nightstand friendly, too).

2. Somme Institute mobile travel kit: Everything in this travel kit is under three ounces, and it all comes in a clear case (perfect for carry-ons). You have everything you need for a full skincare regimen, including: Nourishing Cleanser, Transport (14 treatment pads), Serum, A-Bomb Moisturizer and Double Defense Sun Protection. It’s also a really great way to just experiment with the line. But trust me; once you try, you’ll be addicted.

3. CHANEL Le Volume de CHANEL mascara: You may have guessed that this product would be on my list. There is just something about long, thick and luscious black lashes. You will always find this little gem in my cosmetic bag.


My weekend getaway would be having a blast and looking fierce in Sin City. Viva, Las Vegas! Here are my top three products that I would never leave home without.


1. Anastasia Beverly Hills five item brow kit: I go nowhere unless my eyebrows are looking 150% their best. Eyebrows frame the face and sculpt the eye. Your look is immediately enhanced with perfected brows.

2. SK-II facial treatment mask: Let’s get real–you don’t really sleep in Vegas. This bad boy is 10 hours of sleep in a mask; it tones, helps keep your complexion radiant and is easily absorbed. Under-eyes and skin are immediate revitalized.

3. Sunday Riley Good Genes treatment: This can be used day and night. It really is a facial in a bottle. It exfoliates my skin, plumps uneven texture and immediately brightens, so I don’t need to wear heavy foundation. This is liquid gold. One pump does what six skincare products do combined.


I would not be without these great travel must-haves on my weekend away to the lake cabin to play in the SUN!


1. ARCONA Sunsations mineral makeup SPF 25: Protect your skin using this handy, family-friendly SPF Brush. It’s mineral packed and lets you apply chemical-free sunscreen to the entire family with no spills or leaks in your bag!

2. M·A·C Mini fix: This is the best way to set makeup on the go, or mist for a quick cool down. This mini-spa moment is packed with vitamins, minerals and calming ingredients for the skin. A must in your bag.

3. Bobbi Brown empties: Gone are the days using mystery samples and bottles when traveling! Another genius idea from Bobbi Brown is to fill these TSA-approved empties with your favorite skincare to pamper your skin on the go.


My life revolves around the city; I live and work in the urban jungle. I miss fresh air, stars and silence. My brother has a mini farm with goats and chickens an hour outside of the city. It’s the perfect place to refresh and get back to nature. I have a special travel bag ready to go with my favorite products that I keep just for this trip.

1. Shiseido Extra Smooth sun protection lotion broad spectrum SPF 38: I love having a sunscreen for face and body together. It really cuts down on the number of products that I need to bring with me. This sunscreen doesn’t look greasy on the oily areas of my skin. UVA and UVB protection are very important, even on cloudy days!

2. Clarins hand & nail treatment cream: When you are petting goats and throwing a Frisbee with dog drool on it, you wash your hands a lot. To make sure they don’t dry out, I always lather up the hand cream. This hand cream lasts through a few washes. It also keeps my dry cuticles at bay!

3. Moroccanoil treatment: I have highlighted hair, and I need to keep it protected. When we head to the river, the water can do a number on my hair. I just add a few drops to the ends of my hair to keep it moisturized.


I’m all about jet-setting when going on vacation. Get me as far away from home and my daily comforts, please! But, I’m also all about simplicity while traveling. I’m always exploring what new countries have to offer, so I need quick and easy skincare items that I know are effective and beneficial for me. I love seeing ancient ruins, I just don’t want my face to become one of them!

1. CLARISONIC SMART Profile set: Simply amazing. Enough said. You were right, everybody! It’s even better than the original Clarisonic!

2. Somme Institute transport: Soft and gentle, yet so very effective. These pads exfoliate, nourish with vitamins and help with hydration. They keep things easy while on the run to your next destination.

3. Sisley Paris Eau Efficace gentle make-up remover: Quick and to the point. It’s a toner and cleanser you don’t need to rinse off. Perfect for a red-eye flight.


On my long weekend away you can usually find me at some sort of music festival. My favorite one is Essence Fest in New Orleans. I’ll be dancing in the Big Easy, grooving on Bourbon Street or somewhere in the French Quarter listening to a live band. I have three must-have items that will follow me wherever I go.

1. Julep Beauty Konjac cleansing sponge: Cannot live without this to ensure my skin is cleaned properly. Especially after a long humid night of dancing until the sun comes up. I love that I can pair it with my favorite cleanser or use it alone to slough off an eventful night on Bourbon Street.

2. Supergoop! City & Sand sunscreen travel tote : I love that it’s anti-aging, and it also protects my skin from UVA and UVB rays. Plus, it doesn’t leave a cast over my skin. It’s a perfect little kit that includes basic sun-care essentials. The moisturizer is hydrating but not too heavy where I experience any breakouts. I never leave home without it.

3. Kate Somerville Somerville360° tanning towelettes: I’m a transplant to the Northwest from the South, and I love to look like I have been kissed by the sun, so I’m always armed with extra towelettes. They make me feel like the Sun Goddess I truly am.


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  • Sheree Cooks May 23, 2015, 7:21 pm

    What a great blog about summertime products!Being a beauty and skincare novice this definitely helped me figure out what “go-tos” I need for my upcoming adventures. I especially enjoyed Brandi Graise’s great product tips, especially because I am a woman of color and often am wondering what will work best for my skin. Also I plan on visiting tge south as well. Now I will look “instagram ready” after every late now. ???? Thank you!

  • Shai May 21, 2015, 8:38 pm

    Great product recommendations for the summer! I will definitely have to find out more about the Julep cleansing sponge. I know it has to be good if you recommend it. You haven’t steered me wrong yet!

  • Ariana May 17, 2015, 9:45 pm

    Great Job, Brandi! I can not wait to try all these things out! I will be looking like a Sun Goddess, too!

  • Tiameka Jastillana May 17, 2015, 11:48 am

    Speaking from a professional point of view, i couldn’t agree more with Brandi’s Brilliant choice of Supergoop. Protect, Protect, Protect….No need to age before your time ????#Agegracefully

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