What to Get for Mother’s Day with Creative Director Aerin Lauder

Moms know best, so we asked some of the coolest ones we know to give us the skinny on personal style, what motherhood means to them and, of course, what’s on their wish list as May 10 approaches. See all the featured moms in our series on The Thread.


Aerin-Lauder-Mothers-Day-1 As the founder and creative director of AERIN and the style and image director at Estée Lauder, Aerin Lauder wears a lot of hats. Oh, let’s throw wife and mother of two into the mix. We’re not quite sure how she manages all of that with such stylish aplomb, but she did take a few minutes away from it all to give The Thread a glimpse into her life as a mom who’s long on to-dos and short on time (read: every mom out there)—and what makes it all worthwhile.

My style in three words:

Effortless, chic, modern.

What being a mom means to me in three words:

Rewarding, loving, chaotic.

The best thing my kids could ever give me is:

Handmade cards with personal notes.Aerin-Lauder-Mothers-Day-2No, but seriously, I’d love to unwrap:

A framed photo of my boys.

The best thing my partner could ever give me is:

Time together as a family.

No, but seriously, I’d love to wake up to:

Breakfast at home with my husband and boys, and a beautiful bouquet of fresh spring flowers.

Every mom needs:

A signature scent. I love to give a fragrance—it’s so tied up with memories of being a little girl and smelling my mother’s perfume. The AERIN collection is a modern fragrance wardrobe allowing a woman to escape, be playful and experience something different with each scent—she can choose her favorite or change it up each day.

I think the best all-purpose gift, suitable for any wonder woman, is:

A little personal time to escape for some pampering or quiet time. It is important to take care of yourself. I believe if you are happy, everyone around you will be happy.

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