Black is the New Black

Over the years, I’ve heard so many people say “pink is the new black” or “[insert color name here] is the new black.” And every time I hear it, I have to disagree 100%. The only color that can ever replace black is black. It’s as simple as that. Because after all, black is never out of style, it’s never out of season, and it is never wrong.

Black is the new black

I used to be under the impression that wearing all black was just for funerals, but things change.

I love that Nicole Richie adds a fun pop of red on her lips and some cool sunnies!

Nicole richie

Lauren Conrad looks chic and sophistocated in her efforless ensemble.

Lauren conrad

If you’re getting a little bored, you can always add accessories such as a studded belt like Victoria Bekham.

Victoria bekham

You could also throw an a beanie for a more relaxed vibe.


Are you bold enough to wear all black?

Stay wonderful,


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