BP. Closet Essentials: My Top 5 Must-Have Pieces

Some of you might have seen the “Winter Essentials” tab or the “B.P. Basics & Essentials” tab while shopping on Nordstrom.com. Those are two of my favorite sections on the site! That’s where I go to stock up on the wardrobe staples that I can’t live without. Here are my five favorites that can be worn with almost anything:

5. Shift Dress
I love the oversized shirt dress trend. But a shift dress gives the same boxy look but still adds shape to a girl’s figure.


4. Parka
The military trend has been around for a while, and I’m glad it shows no sign of leaving anytime soon.


3. Flowy Tank
Talk about essentials: This is a timeless piece and will never go out of style.


2. Boyfriend Jeans
It surprises me that the boyfriend jean trend has stuck around for so long! I am in no hurry for it to leave.


1. Simple heel
If I had to own one pair of shoes it would definitely be these. They are so comfortable and versatile.



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