My Fashion Board Project

Although the 2013-2014 BP. Fashion Board year is over, I thought it’d be fun to share the final project that I did. Our ongoing task throughout the year was to concept our own store. We picked our target market, selected merchandise, created a visual identity and even picked out the store’s decor. My boutique was called Nova Soho and I wish it really existed so I could shop there.

We kept track of our ideas and inspirations with a Pinterest board that we presented to the group at the last meeting. For the presentations, some of my fellow Fashion Board members also made creative video ads and posters, but I opted for a binder filled with different pages that had to do with the varying aspects of my store. Consider this a cleaner, more streamlined version of a mood board or inspiration board!

bp-fashion-board-project bp-fashion-board-project hero nordstrom-bp-store

This little project was so fun for me to do! Although I’ll probably never have my own boutique, it was fun to get creative and pretend.


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