BP. Pick of the Week: Floral Print Kimono

Spring style is all about layers, is it not? You never know when the weather is going to be rainy or warm, and often it changes throughout the day. The best way to be prepared is with lightweight layers that you can don or shed accordingly. We love this breezy kimono for just that very reason.


floral print kimono | $48

Why we love it:

The floral print. The flowers all over this little kimono give it a distinctly girly look. Trade in those bold geometric prints for a bit in favor of this light, approachable blooms. It’s sweet without being overly cute.

The long length. This kimono falls all the way to your knees, which gives it a more dramatic look than the ones that are only waist-length. We love the way it swirls around your legs!

The carefree style. Partly due to the length, but mostly the loose fit, the shape of this kimono style is so fun and free. To us, it says you haven’t a care in the world and you’re just ready for a good time. Who doesn’t want their style to say that?

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