BP. Saturday Social DIY: How to Make a Charm Bracelet

Today’s DIY is a fairly easy and absolutely adorable friendship bracelet. Make one for yourself and your BFF, or whoever else you want to. I plan on wrapping up this dainty li’l bracelet and sending it to my sister. Here’s what you’ll need for today’s DIY.

– Cord (1 yard)
– A yardstick or ruler
– Scissors
– A charm of your choice


1. Cut one piece of cord to be 1 yard (3 feet)


2. Fold the cord in half; cut the cord equally in half creating two pieces of cord

Bp-2 Bp-3 Bp-4

3. Take one of the cut pieces of cord and fold it in half;


Take the looped end of the cord and loop cord around charm.


You are creating a knot around the charm.

Do this by placing the cut end of cord into the looped portion of the cord. Now just pull until you’ve created a knot around the charm.

Bp-8 Bp-9

4. Take the second piece of cord and repeat the last step on the other side of your charm. You will create an identical knot on the other side.

Bp-10 Bp-11 Bp-12


5. Wrap the bracelet around your wrist to eyeball the length you need the string to be on each side. I used a pen to mark the cord.


6. Take one of the two cords and tie multiple knots where you have marked the cord. This will be one side of the “clasp.” The clasp will be a knot and hole.


7. Take the other cord, and tie one large knot 1 centimeter (.5 inch) above the marked spot on the cord


Now, tie another large knot 1 centimeter (.5 inch) below the marked spot on the cord. The two knots will now be an inch apart from each other.


8. Now test your large knot by placing it in the loop you created with your two knots.  This will serve as the bracelet clasp. Make sure the large knot is large enough to stay looped in the cord. If it’s too small (mine was), just make more knots on top of that large one.

Bp-21 Bp-22

Once you are happy with the fit and the security of the knot clasp, cut off the excess cord after the larger knot. Cut off the excess cord on the other side too.

Bp-cut Bp-25 Hero

And that’s it! Come make this bracelet with a friend on December 12th at the BP. Saturday Social in your local BP. department!

xo ॐ – Amber

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