What’s in My Backpack

Backpacks: also known as the container of all things crucial during the school year. They are basically my life and they keep me sane, so I figured I’d show y’all some of the things I like to carry in mine for school. (Cue the “Backpack” song from Dora the Explorer. Haha.)


makeup bagwater bottle, some notebooks and headphones are just a few of my essentials.



 Yours truly,



Back to School with

Yikes, it’s that time of year…yeah, I’m talking about back to school. Depending on when you return, August or September can be pretty stressful. To help get past the dreadfulness that comes with summer ending, why not load up on supercute back-to-school accessories?

The brand that has it all is agendas, pencil pouches, travel mugs, and, uhhh, best of all—STICKERS (and I mean like really, really cute stickers). Just looking at their products will increase happiness levels.


Notebooks/Agendas (they have stickers inside!)


Travel Mugs | Pencil Pouches & School Supplies


Get organized the fun way with!

And check out their Instagram because, again, it’s more cuteness. 🙂

xo – Amber



Unfortunately, it’s almost that time of year. Yes, school (*facepalms*). On the plus side, that means that back-to-school shopping is in full effect! I’ve curated this top-three list of the most styling bags to decrease your dread of going back to the books. 



Topman Leaf Print Backpack 

I don’t know if you could tell or not, but red is definitely my favorite color! I love the gold finishes and subtle leaf effect that set this bag off. 

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Pop-In | Warby Parker

By now, you’re all probably familiar with Pop-In@Nordstrom and the one and only Olivia Kim. This month’s Pop-In Shop, Warby Parker, has me particularly excited. It’s possibly because I can’t live without my glasses. No really, I’m kinda a grandma when it comes to my eyesight. LOL!

If you’re a glasses lover yourself, I promise you’ll fall for Warby Parker and their stylish frames. What’s also really cool is that when you buy a pair of glasses, another pair is given to someone in need.

Here are a few of my favorite frames!



Stockton Sea Green Crystal

(FYI: Shopping for optical glasses will take you straight to the Warby Parker site.)

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I have never been super big on accessorizing my outfits much. On a day-to-day basis, the only accessory I wear consistently is earrings–I love to mix and match.


Here are some similar pairs to the ones I’m wearing:


BaubleBar ‘Organic Fringe’ Ear Jackets | BaubleBar ‘Narnia’ Ear Cuffs


BP. Chevron Earrings | Topshop Small Hoop Earrings

If you’re curious about any of my piercings, check out my Tattoo & Piercing video.




Tattoos & Piercings

Many of Clare’s and my friends have asked us about our experience getting our first tattoo. Although Clare and I both follow many beauty gurus on Youtube, and have found a ton of videos that explain a tattoo’s meaning or how painful a piercing is, none (that we have watched or found) give a first-timer’s point of view. So Clare and I made a video for you (and our friends) explaining the process and pain level—and we threw in some helpful tips, too.

Disclaimer: We are not claiming we are experts, these are just our opinions from our personal experiences.



We spend so much time talking about clothes, but sometimes an outfit is all about the details. In that spirit, we’re turning our attention to one of our favorite layering pieces this season: the triple chevron necklace.

triple chevron necklace | $16

Why we love it:

The boho style. We seriously love the vibe of this necklace — we see it paired with a flowy Free People top, a sweet hat and fringed bag for that effortless one-with-the-wind look.

The layering option. This little necklace is perfect on it’s own, but because of it’s delicate nature, it also goes great with other lightweight chains. Layer it with some of your favorite necklaces (like this one or this one) to get the trend.


The Stylish Backpacker

Don’t get me wrong—I love my dainty purses and handbags. But what about backpacks? Because of school I can’t help but reach for a durable (but stylish) backpack. Sometimes, though, I might want a bit more than a plain ol’ everyday backpack…

The easiest way to spice up your (backpack’s) life: Just tie on a scarf. It can add a pop of color and, hey, if you feel a bit cold, it’s a good thing you’ve got a scarf at all times. 🙂

Here’s three different backpacks with three different scarves:

1. Army green + black plaid



2. Black-pack + cheetah blue


3. Vintage leather + orange paisley 


Accessories for your accessories. They do say you can never have too many, right?

xo ॐ – Amber


Do you guys remember this festival-inspired post from Alyssa? We’ve loved these metallic tattoos ever since, and now here they are:


Flash-Tattoosmetallic temporary tattoos | $22

Why we love them:

The jewelry inspiration. Shiny embellishments are so trendy right now, and we love that these tattoos are shaped into cool bracelet and necklace shapes. Forgot your jewels at home? Don’t want to deal with pesky chains? These tattoos give you the look without any of the hassle.

They last for days! While, yes, these tattoos are temporary, they endure regular life and showering for  4-6 days. That means they’re perfect for weekend getaways, music festivals and extended vacations. (Dare we think about Spring Break this early?) Have fun!





The Scarf Files

Currently my closet is overflowing with scarves: Plaid, Fur, Knit, Infinity, Cowl… the list goes on and on…


Here are just a few of my faves in BP right now!


Get yo scarf on here!

xo ॐ
– Amber