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I grew up listening to artists like Alicia Keys, India Arie and Ashanti. Now that I’ve graduated from high school, I still have a love for R&B and soul. Back in March, my boyfriend introduced me to an artist named Kehlani. She grew up in the Bay Area and has amazing vocals–her songs speak about her life experiences and even her songs about breakups are uplifting. She recently released a mixtape and is currently on tour.

Take a listen:

You Should Be Here Mixtape

Cloud 9 Mixtape





Music Monday

It’s been a while since I did a post on music, and I’m way too obsessed with the new Mumford & Sons album to not talk about it.

I’ve always been a fan of Mumford & Sons, and their new album, “Wilder Mind,” continues to amaze me. They just keep getting better and better. “Wilder Mind” has a different feel from their previous albums (less banjo, more electric guitar), but it still stays true to their folky/rocker style.

Here are two of my favorite songs from the album. I’m not gonna lie, it was really hard to pick just a few. Be sure to check out the whole album—it’s crazy good. 🙂

Snake Eyes

One thing I love about Mumford & Sons is how, in most of their songs, they just start rocking out. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that climax and you start rocking out, flipping your hair back and forth… Yeah, it’s jam time. In “Snake Eyes,” after 2:12 jam time is non-stop.

 Tompkins Square Park

I’ve got “Tompkins Square Park” on repeat. I can’t stop listening, but I’m not sick of it, either. I think this song perfectly captures the new, more electric sound of this album. It def shows how musically talented they are, too.

Are any of you guys fans of Mumford & Sons? What do you think about their eccentric album? Let’s talk music!

Happy Mumford Monday. 😉

xo ॐ – Amber


It’s safe to say that the “Hunger Games” reign just won’t let up! The highly successful series released its groundbreaking soundtrack a few weeks ago in support of the new film, which made its debut on the big screen November 21st. [Catch the trailer and Bella’s thoughts on the film.]

The soundtrack was curated by “Royals” songstress LORDE, who has created a phenomenal masterpiece. The soundtrack blends the elements of pop with alternative, indie R&B vibes to leave the listener feeling euphoric. All of the audible art featured on the project is wonderful to me, but I narrowed down my top five songs from the soundtrack below. I would love to hear yours as well so let me know in the comments!

5. Meltdown – Stromae, Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip, Haim
This song was the ideal opener because it’s a precise balance between genres, designed to capture any listeners’ attention. Rapper Pusha T delivers a great verse and Lorde’s earthy vocals bring this track to perfection.

4. The Leap – Tinashe
This song speaks volumes. Myron Birdsong & Tinshe’s writing skills are impeccable. I am always a huge fan of a song that takes you on a journey and this song definitely does. I also love the neo-soul/indie R&B beat.

3. All My Love – Ariana Grande, Major Lazer
This the most mainstream, pop-infused track on the whole soundtrack and with the angelic vocals of Ariana and flawless production of Major Lazer, this song definitely could’ve be a radio single. However, the jungle elements and chants separates this “mainstream pop” song from the average radio single. This is the perfect make-you-feel-good song—at least, that’s exactly what it does for me.

2. Lost Souls – Raury
This selection is sort of bias due to the fact that I am a HUGE Raury fan (lol), but he truly delivers in this record. I love that he raps in a “speaking” voice on his records, it’s almost like he’s having a conversation with the beat. This record gave me Pharrell/Andre 3000 vibes (who are also some of my favorite artists), so that made this record even more enjoyable. From the background vocals to the production of the beat, his creativity is unmatched, which made this an excellent track.

1. Flicker (Kanye West Rework) – Lorde
Speechless. That is what you will be after listening to this MASTERPIECE! This track is honestly flawless, it receives a BP. Fashion Blog Grammy from yours truly because it embodies perfection! Kanye West’s production on the beat provides you with a sound that is sonically unmatched by any artist in the entertainment business today. Lorde’s songwriting skills are beyond amazing; from metaphor to metaphor she really sets the bar high when it comes to being an artist.

Those were my top five favorite cuts from the soundtrack. Again, let me know your favorites below.

– James


“Have a holly, jolly Christmas,” “chestnuts roasting on an open fire,” “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”…these are just a few classic lines from the many amazing Christmas songs out there. Christmas music is by far my favorite type of music, in fact, I not only listen to it during the holidays, but all year round! (You guys should know: I’m secretly an elf.)

So here’s a list of my must-have holiday tunes:


“White Christmas” by The Drifters is definitely my favorite. It’s just such a fun twist on a classic Christmas carol that I can’t help but fall in love with it every time I hear it. Hope y’all enjoy this ’50s classic as much as I do!

Yours truly,


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For the long hours spent on the road, a good playlist is essential. Here are a few favorites from my latest road trip playlist (six hours of music seemed a bit much to list here). I picked these songs because they sound like the essence of fall:

Now that I’ve set the mood with music, let’s visit beautiful northern California. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities, but sometimes the fast-paced urban hustle is way too hectic (especially if you’ve been driving for countless hours already).  So for a change, I avoided the busy city and instead relaxed in the lovely town of Sausalito. My family and I spent the day admiring the bay, wandering in and out of little boutiques and eating at the delicious market places.


Here I got to enjoy some cool creations from the Bay Area’s huge art community, like stacks of enchanting illustration books. These Waterlife sketches were absolutely adorable.


You can’t write a post about the Bay Area without including a Golden Gate Bridge photo:


xo ॐ – Amber

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Spring Playlist

It’s the time of year when teenagers start packing their bags for music festivals, resting their feet on dashboards, yearning for graduation and waiting for summer freedom. The current transitional season can seem endless, but not if you fill it with adventure.


Throw on your rompersbaseball caps and high-tops and put in this spring playlist. It will make for perfect background music while you’re rolling down windows on a sunny roadtrip. Enjoy your concerts, day trips and soccer games!



Stay golden,


Friday Dance Party

Happy Friday! One day it’s rainy, one day it’s sunny. One day we’re layered up for sleet and icy winds, and the next we’re digging in the back of the closet for those sandals we liked so much last summer. In short, it’s a typical Seattle spring. The only sure thing right now is the fact that we’re in love with Future Islands, and we can’t stop listening to their single (aptly titled), “Seasons.” We hope you like it, too!

P.S. BP. and Teen Vogue teamed up with Spotify to give you three great Spring Break playlists. Check ’em out:
Spring Break Beach Fun Mix
Spring Break Loungin’ Around Mix
Spring Break Girl Power Mix


 I just got back from a trip to the sunny beaches of the Baja California Coast! I spent a week with my friend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, reading poolside, rock climbing to secluded beaches and putting some color into my ghostly winter complexion. Here are some of my favorite adventuring outfits from the trip:


 When hiking through these rock formations to Lover’s Beach, I found this secluded corner bearing a rusty memorial. My favorite Doc Martensblack shorts and tank were perfect for a hot day of exploring.


I don’t trust myself with a fancy camera anywhere near water, so I took most of my photos on a disposable. Disposable cameras are the best because you have no idea what your pics look like until development, when you get to relive all your experiences. I’m wearing the most comfortable Topshop romper on the beach for this picture.


I get very wistful at the beach. Looking at the horizon, I thought of myself as a beach-dwelling princess-type from the 1800s, waiting for my love (who obviously looks like Orlando Bloom, Pirates of the Caribbean era) to return from sea. But then I realized I was wearing Levi’s shorts and a Topshop blouse and not some extravagant red hoop gown.



Headed to Mexico soon? Here is my essential Mexico playlist! Spending a week wearing beachy clothes has not only relaxed me, but has gotten me so excited for summer fashion!

Stay golden,


Christmas Tunes


December has just begun, but I’ve been in the Christmas spirit since the day after Halloween—I blame this on the fact that I listened to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on repeat after I watched “Love, Actually with my sister.  As much as I enjoy decking the halls and giving gifts, belting Christmas songs is possibly my favorite part of the season. Here are a few of my go-to tunes (definitely not your traditional Christmas carols):

1. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey (featuring Justin Bieber)

I honestly prefer the original version, but J Biebz always gives me a good chuckle.

2. “Last Christmas” by Wham!

Yes. Just…yes. I’ll never understand why he didn’t just “give it to someone special” in the first place though.

3. “8 Days Of Christmas” by Destiny’s Child

I have a legitimate obsession with Destiny’s Child. They put the sass in Christmas.

Now that you’ve been inspired, please participate in your winter talent show à la “Mean Girls.” 😉




Free song!


Today we wish a fond farewell to June with the last free song download in our Free Music series. Future Historians is a Portland band that specializes in achingly atmospheric songs, and we love them. We hope you love them, too.

You know how it works: right-click to save this song and make it your own.

Image courtesy of Picalls.