Meet the Bloggers

As I mentioned in my last OOTD post, I spent my Memorial Day with Lily and Clare in Portlandia!


This picture basically describes our afternoon: giggling, eating, and posing with pigs. Haha, okay well maybe we did a little more than that!

We began our sunny day with lunch at St. Honoré, a local French bakery. We nibbled on croissant sandwiches, and then split the cutest cream puff pastry (I wish I had snapped a picture of it before we destroyed it with our forks). After a little chit chat about school, boys, and prom, we made our way down 23rd Street! We popped into a bunch of shops—Free People, M·A·C, thrift stores—basically anything that caught our eye. It was a day of amazing deals: I managed to find a way cool tie dye dress for $7.50 and Lily scored a super soft tee for only $4. Even with our great bargains in hand, I was still lusting over the $2000 Free People dress that was beaded from top to bottom that we spotted hanging in the very back of the store. Someday when I have that kind of money to spend on a boho maxi, you bet you’ll find that dress or something similar hanging in my closet. After our exhausting work out (a.k.a. walking and gawking), we stopped for some yummy gelato. Then shortly after, we said our goodbyes and of course, started making plans for a summer meet up.

Even though I’ve only known these girls since August and I don’t get to talk to them face to face all that often (we have plenty of phone conferences and comment on each other’s Instagrams, but we only physically meet up every couple of months), I still feel really bonded to them. We share a common experience as bloggers that not many other high school girls can relate to, so our friendship will always be special to me—there aren’t many people out there that understand the struggle of finding cool photo shoot locations, maintaining style inspiration 24/7, and trying to be cool but not too cool. I’ll definitely miss these ladies when our blogging term is over!


P.S. A big thanks to Clare for coordinating this fun outing! 🙂


My fellow BP. bloggers and I sadly don’t get to see each other very often, so we took advantage of the long holiday weekend to meet for a day of dessert and window shopping in Portland! Plenty of laughter, storytelling and eating ensued.


Clare showed Alyssa and me her favorite French cafe, where we ate a Grand Budapest Hotel-inspired dessert. As a proclaimed Wes Anderson-adorer, I was obsessed. We also decided that one post-lunch dessert wasn’t enough, and indulged in some amazing gelato after shopping. 🙂


We found this darling Mini Cooper parked outside a vintage store. How wonderful is that?! Can’t you just see the bloggers in France, zipping along in their Mini, getting lost in Provence… I think our next blogger meet-up should be on the Riviera. (What do you think, gals?) Alyssa, in her adorable Free People frock, had to stop for a pic.


We tried to take some cute pictures, but while looking through them I realized that we are just heavily focused on our gelato in every shot…. Such a fun, sugary day in Portland with Clare and Alyssa!

What did you do on Memorial Day?

Stay golden,


Meet BP. Blogger Lily

Hello blog readers of BP. teenagedom! I’m Lily, and I am so excited to be one of your new BP. bloggers for this year!

To kick-start my venture down the road of blogging, my fellow bloggers, Alyssa and Clare, and I attended a two-day training at the Nordstrom headquarters in Seattle. This was our first chance to get to know each other and the rest of the blog team, so I wanted to really show my character and style and self-proclaimed office-savvy.

Packing was difficult…

With this impression in mind, I made certain to pack clothes that would represent my personal style.

 BP-Nordstrom-Office-Wear                 BP-Nordtrom-Office-Wear
Day 1 Outfit                                                             Day 2 Outfit

My general style is pretty eclectic and fun, so I decided to wear two outfits that showed two different sides of my style. On Monday I chose a more ’50s inspired look: a flare dress and red velvet flats with white socks, like Cherry Valance at Corporate Headquarters. The second day I wore a more ’90s inspired look: black tee and skater skirt with my favorite jean jacket that I tie-dyed and decorated with flowers.

But it kind of didn’t matter what I wore, because every single person we met at Nordstrom was so nice that they would’ve complimented me if I’d shown up in a salsa dress woven out of banana peels.

We worked with the blog team to brainstorm ideas for the coming year.

We met so many amazing people, from trend forecasters to buyers to photographers and models. They were all so genuine and cool, I was super impressed with the cohesiveness of every department. My favorite part was the studio tour, being on set for an actual Nordstrom shoot!

Clare getting styled-up! (Notice the snack table 🙂 )

It was an experience that was truly inspiring and eye-opening, and it made me so psyched to get started! I hope you guys are looking forward to this year, because I am so ready to introduce you to the Lilysphere of madness.



Meet BP. Blogger Clare

Hello fabulous BP. blog readers! My name is Clare, and I’ll be blogging for you for the next year. Recently, my fellow new bloggers and I were invited up to the Nordstrom headquarters in Seattle to tour the offices, meet the amazing people that work at Nordstrom and even have our own photo shoot.


For my first day on the job, I decided to go with a classy and elegant look that was appropriate for work, but that also showcased my personal style. Keeping in mind that we would be walking around and touring the many different fashion offices, I packed a comfortable pair of animal-print ballet flats, a pair of oxfords and a simple black dress that was easy to move in, but still chic.

Bp-nordstrom-leopard-flats Bp-nordstrom-brown-leather-oxfords

I absolutely love accessories, so I made sure to bring my favorite statement necklace to add some sophistication to my look. And of course I had to have a huge handbag to carry my camera, iPad and other supplies for blogger bootcamp.


I had an incredible experience meeting Lily and Alyssa, and getting to visit Seattle and the Nordstrom headquarters. I have a lot of ideas for future blog posts, so make sure you keep checking the BP. blog!




Farewell from Samantha

Well, this is it. My time as a BP. blogger has officially come to an end. This year has gone by so fast, and I wish that I could re-live it all over again. While I am sad that this time in my life is ending, I know that I am moving on to bigger and better things.

Some of my favorite photos from this year

This experience has taught me so much, and the memories will stay with me for the rest of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my year. Thank you so much to the BP. team, my friends and my family. I couldn’t have done it without your support!

From homecoming to musicals to the Bahamas to prom to concerts to the lake and more

To Clare, Alyssa and Lily: Congratulations! You are about to begin an incredible journey. I can’t wait to read your posts and look for new inspiration. I promise the year will fly by, so cherish every last post.

I will never forget the year that I blogged for BP. Nordstrom. However cliched this may sound, this is not goodbye. Who knows what I’ll be doing a few years from now? I can only hope that you’ll see me again.

If you want to keep up with me, you can check out my personal style blog on Tumblr.


For the last time, stay beautiful,


Bye-Bye…for Now

I can’t believe that this amazing, wonderful year of blogging for BP. is coming to an end. It was such a beautiful experience and I learned so much from the BP. blog team, both on-set at photo shoots and from our monthly talks with the inspiring Nordstrom stylists and buyers. Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge with us!

I wish that this would never end, but guess what? This means the new BP. Bloggers, Clare, Alyssa and Lily are going to express themselves, learn, grow and continue to love fashion! Congratulations, you three are going to have a blast!

Here are three of my many favorite experiences from being a BP. blogger:

1. When I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and saw my name and picture on a post on the BP. Facebook page, I was so thrilled. It was, (bear with me) in the words of High School Musical, “the start of something new.”


2. Being on set at the April Lookbook shoot and then the Prom shoot the very next day was so much fun. I remember every moment of it and this video recalls it! I met the coolest Nordie people ever; they were so welcoming and über creative.This was one of the incredible outcomes of the April shoot:

3. “Speak Only Words of Kindness.” I was so happy to read the comments on this post. These comments really touched and encouraged me. It really proved that BP. girls rock!


I love blogging so much that I recently started a fashion blog, Werk It Daily. I’m so excited. I hope you’ll join me at! Here’s a little sneak peek:


And I’m excited to say that although I’m not going to be blogging weekly anymore, I’ll still be a special correspondent reporting on cool BP.-related things happening in L.A. Like photoshoots! A fun post about one of my fave BP. brands, Mimi Chica, is on its way soon. Stay tuned! À tout à l’heure.



Meet BP. Blogger Alyssa

Hi, BP. girls! I’m Alyssa, one of your new BP. Fashion Bloggers. For the last couple days, Lily, Clare and I have been at “blogger boot camp” (it sounds way scarier than it actually is). We spent our time at Nordstrom HQ learning about the different aspects of the company and brainstorming blog ideas.



Of course, a good day at the office starts with a great outfit! When it’s your first day on the job, it’s important to have stellar confidence but still feel comfortable. Here’s a look at my pieces and why I chose them:


Simple Black Blazer: A simple blazer can pull any outfit together and make it look more professional. To avoid looking sloppy, make sure to get the perfect fit.



Silky Printed Shorts: Since it’s still warm in Seattle (plus, I wanted to show off that great summer tan), I thought shorts would be a great option. The print and the pleats make them totally casual chic.



Emerald Green Bag: This bag puts a fun twist on the briefcase concept. Its vintage feel and phenomenal color keep it super trendy, but it’s still large enough to carry an iPad. I love things that are stylish and functional!



Chunky Nude Necklace: The bag is my primary accessory, so I didn’t want the necklace to compete. The necklace adds shine, but doesn’t detract from the fun color of the bag.



Leather Strappy Heels: Being 5’ 00”, I love to wear heels! These are a great option because they add a few inches, but they’re still super comfortable.



I’d love to see your office style! Post a picture on Instagram, and hashtag: #NordstromBP.

Can’t wait to share my fashion outlook with you this year!




So Long, Farewell

I’m afraid it’s that time, readers. The von Trapp children are going to bed, and I am writing for the last time. This last year of blogging has been such an incredible experience. I have truly enjoyed this opportunity to connect with so many different people all over the country. It was at times challenging keeping up with deadlines while school and life became increasingly chaotic, but it has been so rewarding. I’ve loved getting to know Samantha and Aya, as well as you all through your comments. It’s been such a fun job, and I am very grateful for all the advice and encouragement which I have received. So, thank you all.

My advice to the new BP. bloggers and any other aspiring writers: Write about things in which you are personally interested. Your genuine passion will make your pieces more enjoyable and powerful. I am curious to see future posts! And what’s in my future, you ask? At the moment, I am just thinking about field hockey, school and SATs. But I will let you all know if I come back into the fashion blogging world.

Now, before I press the key to make the little squiggle before my name, it’s montage time.

Brittany-year-in-review-collage Brittany-lookback-oxtrad-oxford-dublin-kentucky-derby Bp-fashion-board-nordstrom-2012-2013-fashion-show-brittany Brittany-beatrice-hard-rock-iman-christ-church-oxford hero

For the last time,

~Brittany xo



Hey, I’m Aya, and I’m so excited to be blogging this year! (Thank you so much, Nordstrom!)

Here are some tidbits that you should know about me:

I LOVE fashion! We definitely have that in common. (Food is a close second when it comes to the things I love.) My dream is to be a creative director for a fashion company and put together catalogs, fashion shows, photo shoots and things like that—to me, it’s the best kind of magic there is! I also model and act, so look for me in commercials and catalogs; I’ll also be posting some behind-the-scenes fashion, so stay tuned!

This year on the BP. Fashion Blog, get ready for the best game of dress-up ever!

Sometimes, you get into a style rut (don’t worry, it happens to everyone). You just need a little inspiration from things around you to get back into your groove. For example, on Saturday morning, I logged into Netflix to choose a movie, and the first thing I saw was Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Talk about inspiration: Audrey Hepburn rocked the classic, elegant staple pieces, like that famous little black dress.


For a more modern take, this Soprano Cutout Racerback Bodycon Dress is so easy to accessorize, and ready for any holiday party!


I already had a shopping trip planned for later that day, so when I headed out, I looked for other staples, like khaki jeans and a black long-sleeve jacket, that I could mix and match with my clothes and have a new outfit every time.

Tumblr_m9x1vxbvFX1qcw4xzo1_500 Tumblr_me5inepiuA1qc3caxo1_500

Check out the BP. Basics for inspiration, and go from there—you never know what might give you ideas!

(Oh, and I highly recommend Breakfast at Tiffany’s for your next rainy afternoon!)




Hello lovers of fashion! My name is Samantha, and I’m going to be blogging for BP. at Nordstrom for the next year! I am so thrilled to take you on this exciting journey – come along for the ride and hold on tight! Which brings me to my next topic of discussion: tights.

Tights are one of my favorite ways to keep warm during fall and winter—they add instant warmth as well as interest to any outfit. Tights are such a fun, easy and unique way to accessorize, and they’re also a great way to transition your summer clothes into the cooler months.

Tights and shorts

Opaque tights: Tights like these can add a fun pop of color or elongate your legs for shorter girls (like me)!


These Frenchi tights in both black and red are great staple pieces to have in your closet.

Opaque - Nordstrom

Patterned tights: This interesting accessory can definitely make a statement. Small or fine patterns draw attention in a very subtle way, while larger patterns give you a bolder look.

Patterned tights

Check out BP.’s bold and subtle tights for every occasion!

Patterned - Nordstrom

How will you rock your tights?

Stay lovely (and keep warm),