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Prom 2K15

*cues “The Night Is Still Young” by Nicki Minaj*

Well, after all the preparation for my senior prom, I can actually say that I enjoyed myself. It took some time to curate the perfect look and have my date match it, but everything came together in the end.


“Korean Royalty” was the inspiration behind my look for prom. (I have always been inspired by the creativity of Korean culture and how fashion-forward their style is.) My date opted for a bright red dress with a chic neckline and finished with all-gold accessories to really embody the royal image I was aiming for.

JGSelfie JG SHoes

Black, gold and red were my signature colors. They are so vibrant and made me feel like a king! My blazer featured a gold foil design over black velour fabric. The blazer originally came with a black velour lapel, but due to my indecisiveness I changed it to black satin THREE days before prom (compliments of my wonderful grandmother!). It was a risk bringing these different prints together and trying to match colors, but what is life without challenges, right?


Prom was truly a night to remember (the event itself, as well as my outfit… lol)! I’m so thankful for everyone who helped bring my fashion vision to life. Below are a few fun iPhone images:

Groupjg Guyjg Kiligehjg

What a great way to celebrate the end of my time in high school. I hope your prom was stylish and fun, too!


Last-Minute Prom-spiration

Hello, hello everyone! Prom season is here and while some of you have your prom looks all locked down, some of you might be scrambling for a little last-minute glamour. I put together three different looks that will have you looking gorgeous for your big night—with a minimum of stress!

Look 1: This first look was inspired by my school’s prom theme this year, Red Carpet. I love this dress for its fun and glamorous vibe, as well as its ability to make a statement. Because, after all, isn’t that what the red carpet is all about?


Dress | Pumps | Earrings

Look 2: Up next I have the perfect mix of elegance and individuality. I could envision this look on a more bohemian girl who wants a fun way to showcase her sense of personal style. This look also just happens to be my fave.


Dress | Shoes | Clutch

Look 3: For this last look, I put together a bold and funky ensemble with a bit of edge. I’m completely obsessed with this black mesh dress. It’s an effortless combination of being understated yet making a statement at the same time.


Dress | Pumps | Clutch

Yours truly,


Bella Goes to Prom

This past weekend was my senior prom, and I want to share what my friends and I wore.


Many girls go the more glamorous route and get their hair and makeup done, but my friends and I enjoy doing our own makeup. So we did it ourselves and saved a lot of money, too!




Prom is right around the corner. You’ve got your dress, but how are you going to do your makeup?  My best friend, Kenya, is a great makeup artist, and she volunteered to show you how to do a glam gold eye that’s perfect for prom.

Step 1: Prime eyelid with Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer


Step 2: Apply a dark brown shadow (Urban Decay’s “Darkhorse is a great choice) on the outer corner of the eyelid and in the crease of the lid, blend thoroughly.


Step 3: Place gold glitter (Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow Beige ) is a great choice to complete this look.) on the inner part of the eye and the center.


Step 4: Apply mascara to your own eyelashes, or apply false lashes for volume.


Step 5: Look GOLDEN!


Even if you’re not attending prom, this look is perfect for any future event that requires a touch of subtle glamor. Hope you like it!

Photos by Kenya Thomas

– James


Everyone loves having their makeup done for special occasions, but I am one of the few who actually enjoy doing my makeup.

“Faint” from the Urban Decay ‘Naked Basics’ Palette

Lid- “Naked 2” from Naked Basics Palette
Crease- “Mugshot” from Urban Decay ‘Naked3’ Palette
Outer corner- “Darkside” from Naked3 Palette
Inner corner-  “Venus” from Naked Basics Palette
Lips: “Velvet Teddy” from MAC Matte Lipstick

For most looks, a variation of a smoky eye is a safe bet. I went without liner and added a defined highlight to contrast the dark shadows.

Check out the Nordstrom library of beauty how-to videos for some great how-to videos for the smoky eye and other prom-night looks.



Style for Guys: Prom Jackets

It’s that time of year again: prom! I’ve put together a three-part series to get you ready for your night, and this post is all about finding the right blazer.

The Edge
Whether you’re attending your prom solo or going with a date who is wearing a solid color, you can add some edge to your look with one of these blazers. One of the easiest ways to jazz up your prom look is by wearing a blazer that puts a witty twist on  traditional style.


Blue Skinny Fit Tuxedo Jacket | 2 Faux Leather & Wool Sport Coat  | 3 Animal Print Suit Jacket  | 4  Tartan Check Blazer


The Basics
Not into the edgy prom look? No problem. These traditional blazers are a great choice for prom and easy to match with your date’s dress. The traditional cut looks great on most guys, but if you’re curious about fit, I included a chart below to help you figure out which fit is best for you. 


Textured Tuxedo Jacket | 2 Grey Jacket | 3 Camel Suit Jacket | 4 Off White Tuxedo Jacket



Check back next week for part two of the Style for Guys: Prom Edition series.

– James


I love to use minimal, versatile pieces as the foundation of my wardrobe. I often find that if I buy a simple dress, I can accessorize it in a variety of ways and it becomes almost unrecognizable with each new twist.

For example, here is a simple navy dress:


JS Boutique Strapless Ruched Chiffon Gown

Look 1: Edgy
For an edgy look, I would wear ear cuffs or ear crawlers. They lend a subtle edge factor without committing to something totally out there, like a crazy statement necklace.

   Nordstrom_BP_Blog_Prom_Accessories_Ear_Cuff   Nordstrom_BP_Blog_Prom_Accessories_Ear_Crawler
Topshop Rhinestone Ear CuffBaubleBar ‘Zelda’ Ear Crawlers

Look 2: Feminine and Flirty
For a feminine, flirtatious look I would accessorize with jewelry that has color in it—maybe even with a floral motif.

_10470532 _10404105

BP. Fan Statement Necklace | BP. Fringed Statement Necklace

Look 3: Boho
For a boho look, I would accessorize with a lot of layers. Texture is your friend when it comes to the ’70s-retro trend.

_10486898 _10520287

Topshop Tassel Drop Layered Necklace | BaubleBar ‘Zelda’ Fringe Bib Necklace

I hope I gave you some good ideas to polish your prom look to perfection.



Recently, wearing a matching set or two-piece has become a major trend. Lily Collins and Taylor Swift are two celebrities who are well known for wearing a two-pieces to red carpet events.

This year Sherri Hill has been the main brand (that I’ve noticed) to really commit to designing two-pieces for glamorous events. Here are two of my favorites:

If you have a more girly and flirtatious style, I would totally tell you to rock this awesome chiffon, “tu-tu esque” maxi skirt with the matching embellished top.


Sherri Hill: Embellished Crop Tank & Chiffon Skirt

 If you have a more edgy and boho style, like myself, this slick maxi skirt and detailed, embellished top are a great choice.


Sherri Hill: Embellished Crop Halter Tank & Jersey Skirt



What to Wear: Winter Formal

While watching “Gossip Girl” and searching the deep depths of my mom’s closet, I came across this lovely maxi skirt. I immediately imagined myself wearing it to a glamourous event like the MET Gala. Since the holiday season is arriving soon, I thought I would give you guys some inspiration.




Prom Part II: Mega-Glam

At my first prom, I went for classic elegance. But this prom had a Great Gatsby theme, so I wanted to go all-out glam. After all, it’s my senior year, so why not?!


I’m not normally a very sparkly person. Most of the time, I prefer to keep things simple. I’m  also extremely particular when it comes to beading and sequins. I think it’s too easy for embellishment to come across as gaudy or tacky. However, I fell in love with this beaded silk gown from Sean Collection. The gown manages to be eye-catching without being completely over the top, and it made me feel gorgeous. I completed the look with voluminous curls and a Givenchy crystal necklace. Zbyszek looked pretty handsome, too, I suppose, but I think I stole the show. Haha.


Aiyanna looked beautiful in this raspberry gown that she designed and constructed herself. She probably would’ve still managed to look amazing in a trash bag, though.


Here’s a cute snapshot of the whole group. All the girls looked absolutely gorgeous and the guys looked dashingly dapper. I was an especially big fan of Marisa’s Adrianna Papell gown (far right); it was the perfect modern take on the dance’s Gatsby-glam theme.

I hope you girls all had an amazing of time at your proms. I know I did!