Hellooo, spring break! Although I’m staying home this year, I’m definitely using this stay-cation to take some fun day trips. My most recent trip was to the beautiful Getty Villa, which is a re-creation of a Roman country house from the first century A.D. The Getty Villa stands right on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and overlooks the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean.

Every great trip starts with an equally great outfit right? The sun was shining, so I slipped on a printed shift dress and a pair of sandals.


I added a beige lace slip underneath the dress for some extra detail. Finished off the look with a pastel colored purse + tortoiseshell sunnies, and I was ready to go!


Here’s a classic “taken from the top” Instagram OOTD pic. 🙂 These kinds of shots are so great because they capture that extra detail you might not see from a straightforward OOTD photo.


I love spending time at the Villa because of the relaxing ocean view, lush gardens, and the historical art and architecture.



Out of all its vast beauty, I’d have to say my favorite parts of the Villa are the ornate floors and ceilings.


Each floor and ceiling is different, but they all include so much detail.


Whether I’m looking down at beautiful marble floors or staring up at whimsical floral ceilings, I always leave the Getty feeling inspired.


I’d love to see where your spring break adventures will take you. Show off your spring break style and destinations with #nordstrombp on Instagram—you just might find yourself on the in-store video wall or elsewhere in the Nordstrom universe!

xo ॐ – Amber



Well, hello again! Welcome to part two of my epic trip to New York City. Let the photos commence!

Morning strolls through SoHo were definitely a fave during this trip. This quirky borough captured my heart ‘n’ soul.


One can’t be expected to visit SoHo without doing at least a li’l bit of shopping.


Brunch is better, am I right? If you are slightly drooling at this point, then I did my job. Fun Fact: I actually went here two times in a row. Yup! It was just that good.


There are very few things in life that make me as happy as I was here, standing at the top of The Empire State Building looking down at the city that stole my heart.


Searching for my own Chuck Bass. Spoiler alert: I didn’t find him.


Hope you guys enjoyed these pics of my amazing trip to NYC! If you went (or are planning to go) anywhere cool over spring break, let me know in the comments below.

Yours truly,

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Recently I spent a week with my extended family in San Francisco. I’ve been visiting San Francisco since I was a baby and was even baptized there, so I consider it my second home. Check out a few of my favorite places to go whenever I’m in town:

Clement Street
My Lolo and Lola (grandparents) live close to Clement St., so this is where I spend most of my time. Toy Boat Dessert Cafe is a cute ice cream parlor that my parents started going to when they were in high school. Now we go there after family dinners.


San Francisco has the best food! This is my favorite dim sum place, one of many on Clement St.


Haight Street
Amoeba Music is one of the sickest places to buy music. It’s the world’s largest independent record store, so you know they have an abundance of CDs, LPs, and DVDs. (Check out my sister’s rad spring outfit.)


Haight Street is my go-to place for shopping. Here are some pics of my favorite stores.


Fun fact: My good friend’s mom helped start up the store in the bottom-left picture!

Chinatown in San Francisco is so unique, I love to just walk around and people watch.


Every time I go to Chinatown, I go tea tasting—I always learn something new. When our lives are out of balance, whether in our eating habits or our illnesses, drinking the right tea can help restore our equilibrium.


I hope this has given you guys a little insight into San Francisco. If you’re ever there, be sure to check some of these places out.




While in New York, I made it my goal to take pictures of pretty much anything and everything. I somehow managed to narrow my pics down into a two-part montage of my trip to the big city, the concrete jungle, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, the… You guys pretty much get it. Enjoy!


Oh, the steps of the Met, where so many “Gossip Girl” scenes were shot. Of course I had to stop by to see them for myself.


Laduree is an ah-mazing French bakery that just so happens to be one of Blair Waldorf’s favorite places. Are we seeing a “Gossip Girl” theme or what? Haha. 🙂


Just one of the many museums in New York. This architecture was crazy stunning.


This wasn’t posed at all. K, maybe just a little. I couldn’t resist posing for a quick OOTD in this little number.


Another snapshot taken in Laduree. Macaron tower? I think yes!

Yours truly,


How to Overcome Over-Packing

Spring break is here, which means mass amounts of contemplation about what to pack. I’m not the biggest over-packer, but I usually bring more than I probably need.

If you’re like me and tend to pack too much for vacation, you’ll appreciate these tips from Evelina about how to overcome over-packing:

Here are a couple more of my own tips:

Pro Tip #1
Pants can be worn multiple times, so bring a variety of tops and just a few pairs of versatile pants.

Pro Tip #2
Take pictures of your outfits or write them down. Include everything from accessories to a how you want to do your hair and makeup for each outfit. This will keep you organized and help you pack more efficiently.

Happy packing!



Lush Life

Recently, Bella and I had the opportunity to tour Lush Headquarters in Los Angeles. It was such an incredible experience (as well as eye opening) to learn about Lush Clothing. We spent a sunny day touring Lush Headquarters and experiencing an exciting work day at Lush.


 It was so exciting seeing Bella after only meeting once in Seattle! After a delicious lunch with Bella and some of the girls from Lush, we headed over to Lush HQ.


Bella and I were feeling quite glamorous in front of this Hollywood-style vanity as we snapped a quick photo.


What I love most about Lush is their collection of beautiful, unique prints.



Although the solids are nice, too. 😉


 A rainbow of spools!


The coolest part: We got to hear everything straight from Erica Kim herself, the creator of Lush. She gave Bella and I a tour, and generously shared the story of the brand,  as well as insights about how she achieved her success. How cool is her office?! I love the minimal black-and-white look with pop-of-green plants.


Thank you again, Erica, for this amazing experience!

xo ॐ – Amber




During my spring break trip to NYC, I stayed at The New York Palace Hotel for a night—and if y’all aren’t aware, The Palace is where Serena and Chuck lived during the first two seasons of “Gossip Girl.” (Exciting, right!?) I was so inspired by “Gossip Girl” for this OOTD, not so much by Serena as by Blair. Blair is most definitely my spirit animal, and this outfit manages to capture her preppy style while intertwining a bit of my own. This outfit is the perfect mix of B and C! (Blair and Caroline, haha.)






“Destiny is for losers. It’s just a lame excuse for letting things happen to you instead of making them happen.” -Blair Waldorf

Yours truly,



Beach Is Better

It’s been surprisingly warm and sunny in SoCal these past few weekends, so my friends and I decided we just had to take an adventure to the beach to lounge around and soak up some Vitamin D.

My friends and I are Urth Caffe addicts. If you ever find yourself in Cali, I 100% recommend trying it out. So of course we stopped there for lunch. My belly was happy as could be after a delish Spanish latte and yum quesadilla.


Not even gonna lie. The struggle was real while walking through the sand. I may have even broken a sweat. But on a side note, how stunning is Sherrine!? I mean, can you say eyebrows on FLEEEEKK?


It was my first time going to Santa Monica Pier, and although my friends and I passed on going on any rides (we were still in an Urth-induced food coma) taking in all the bright, fun colors and the gorgeous ocean view were enough to make this girl one happy camper.


Oh, don’t mind Ellie, she’s just searching for some hot surfer boys. Ya know, the usual.


And the day ended with us twirling our toes in the water and laughing about anything and everything. I mean, we’re at the beach…how could we not be happy?


Yours truly,


OOTD: The Sweetest Day

This past weekend, my heart was taken by the stunning French bakery Bottega Louie. For those of you who don’t know about Bottega Louie, think classy, European and just the right amount of pink! From decadent marble floors to subtle gold accents, this delightful patisserie is breathtaking. (Some Los Angeles girls would be appalled to learn that I had never been before, being the foodie that I am.)

I apologize in advance for those of you not in L.A. but, hey, if you ever happen to be in town, you’ll know where to go. 🙂

For a day filled with decadent pastries and lattes, I thought a French-inspired OOTD was only appropriate. I started the day with an (almost) all-black ensemble which included leather, stripes and a bold red purse.


Here’s the lovely exterior of the building.


It’s not just the decor that’s beautiful. The food can also be considered art. Macarons, eclairs and Napoleons galore!



These Earl Grey macarons are a tea- and sweet-lover’s dream.




Took a bite of heaven, then thanked the heavens.


I thought this photo was pretty great. You’ve got the mouth-watering raspberry macaron in focus, with my brother in the background happily licking extra sugar off his fingers. Delish!


A box of sweeties to go please!



P.S. I know I just dropped quite a few photos on y’all just now, but if you’d like to see more, check out this story I made on Steller. 🙂

 xo ॐ – Amber

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For the long hours spent on the road, a good playlist is essential. Here are a few favorites from my latest road trip playlist (six hours of music seemed a bit much to list here). I picked these songs because they sound like the essence of fall:

Now that I’ve set the mood with music, let’s visit beautiful northern California. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities, but sometimes the fast-paced urban hustle is way too hectic (especially if you’ve been driving for countless hours already).  So for a change, I avoided the busy city and instead relaxed in the lovely town of Sausalito. My family and I spent the day admiring the bay, wandering in and out of little boutiques and eating at the delicious market places.


Here I got to enjoy some cool creations from the Bay Area’s huge art community, like stacks of enchanting illustration books. These Waterlife sketches were absolutely adorable.


You can’t write a post about the Bay Area without including a Golden Gate Bridge photo:


xo ॐ – Amber

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