Crazy for Paisley



    Paisley has always been one of my favorite summer prints! If I get tired of florals, paisley is definitely my go-to! Prairie paisley is perfect for country concerts (especially Brad Paisley 🙂 ), but it's an easy print to dress up as well. A paisley dress or skirt paired with the right accessories can indeed look very chic. Do you prefer the traditional black and white version of the print or a colored version?

21603273182951324_FY3okkQQ_f214976582183243857_AVYFDc44_f63824519689847097_FUvH51X5_f 153685406004140975_n3piDFne_f209558188881880361_4xSs6TPn_f 73324300153305742_oqDb2eoC_f 229965124693421573_u3XLWcAr_f 250372060503631282_vcoHZ6kz_f 37014028157588946_yvLj271Y_f 96686723220410193_n1CSZZ9L_f 165155511305428493_9lbcHZP2_f

    I absolutely love this last outfit! I woul never think of wearing those pieces together like that, but they all go together perfectly.


    Sport a paisley top, or even shorts, while enjoying the rest of your summer! Wear it nice and fancy or laid-back and casual…

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    Paisley is actually going to be popular this fall as well! I'm excited to see this print in some deeper, richer tones. Check out the runway looks…

93097917267075540_27hFezbI_f 33495590948635015_xW35e5ML_f 286963807477045192_ciMJiAI5_f 118008452706189211_XD7oY2kF_f 221450506647719972_NsA8DvQ3_f


Here are some of my favorite looks to transition from summer to fall paisley…

2392606021528408_H4swopmz_f 26036504066083615_pOTOigmk_f (1) 88172105174837182_Fb8fkrMh_f 237213105343021444_W6c38Hom_f 276197389618012410_hK2flDaC_f

Above is a look at Paige Denim's paisley jeans for fall 2012!


Here's some other fun DIY paisley ideas..

38421403041443495_Ks9j7me3_f 249175791853279229_BWoyMDDi_f 276901077059232604_ORpnajhI_f






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