Cute, Comfortable Looks for the Beach

 I just got back from a trip to the sunny beaches of the Baja California Coast! I spent a week with my friend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, reading poolside, rock climbing to secluded beaches and putting some color into my ghostly winter complexion. Here are some of my favorite adventuring outfits from the trip:


 When hiking through these rock formations to Lover’s Beach, I found this secluded corner bearing a rusty memorial. My favorite Doc Martensblack shorts and tank were perfect for a hot day of exploring.


I don’t trust myself with a fancy camera anywhere near water, so I took most of my photos on a disposable. Disposable cameras are the best because you have no idea what your pics look like until development, when you get to relive all your experiences. I’m wearing the most comfortable Topshop romper on the beach for this picture.


I get very wistful at the beach. Looking at the horizon, I thought of myself as a beach-dwelling princess-type from the 1800s, waiting for my love (who obviously looks like Orlando Bloom, Pirates of the Caribbean era) to return from sea. But then I realized I was wearing Levi’s shorts and a Topshop blouse and not some extravagant red hoop gown.



Headed to Mexico soon? Here is my essential Mexico playlist! Spending a week wearing beachy clothes has not only relaxed me, but has gotten me so excited for summer fashion!

Stay golden,

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  • Clare, BP. Blogger February 27, 2014, 7:57 pm

    This is adorable! Love the lil playlist 🙂

  • Lily March 1, 2014, 10:38 am

    Thanks Clare!

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