Decorate Your Dorm Room

One of the things I’m looking forward to most  this fall is decorating my dorm room. I think decor should accomplish two things: serve as a creative expression of the decorator (that’s you!) and serve some sort of functional purpose.


For the cork board, you’ll need an old picture frame preferably with matting (the card stock-like material that is used to mount pictures) in the back, and a roll of cork. I found the picture frame at GoodWill and the cork in my basement; however, I’m sure that rolls of cork are available at craft stores. All you do is remove the glass of the picture frame, disassemble the picture frame, cut the cork to fit the frame, and then hot glue the cork to the matting. Once the glue is dry, reassemble the picture frame and you’re ready to decorate. I use mine to hang inspiration, concert tickets, and notes. For push pins, I just use old earrings that I don’t wear very often—repurposing AND more importantly, so much cuter than thumb tacks. I also stick the rest of my earrings in the cork, so that I don’t lose them!

To hang the necklaces, I just used Command hooks. These little guys are especially great for the dorms because they’re extremely strong, but don’t ruin the walls!

Can’t wait to get the rest of my decor figured out and move in!



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