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I know it's way too early to start mentioning back to school fashion, but when BP's Denim Guide came out the other day, I couldn't just not touch on the subject. Plus, all of my magazines this month have been denim issues.

And just to make sure you don't stop reading yet, Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom is going on. This means that all of the fall looks are marked down (sometimes up to 40% off!) for Fashion Rewards members until the 19th and then open to the public on the 20th. The point is that if you start thinking ahead now, you could get some serious deals!

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It's no secret that the fall is all about jeans because that's when the weather starts getting cooler. So as summer fades into fall, start thinking about the perfect pair you want to rock to make your first impression of the new school year. Don't worry, the Denim Guide also includes all of your favorite jean shorts for the rest of summer!



As far as the trends go, colored denim is still a staple! For transforming the look, try wearing your bright ones from the spring and summer with a darker top. Or, to switch it up even more, try darker colored jeans. Think of the changing colors of the leaves in the fall…olive greens, mustard yellows, and deep reds.  My favorite style of colored denim is the new colored jeggings! Since they are so tight, I think they look best with an oversized top. A slouchy sweater perhaps? They are also great because you don't have to worry about tucking them in your boots! 

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Mermaid, Citron, Honeycomb


Printed denim is also sticking around. If you haven't tried out this trend yet, now is your time to do it! There are so many adorable printed denim shorts in BP right now; I'm looking forward to wearing longer versions of them next season!

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Animal Print, White Floral, Purple Floral, Blue Floral


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And finally, switch out those white jeans for dark wash ones!

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Save the lighter wash for your top. Chambray shirt anyone? Don't be afraid to do denim on denim by mixing these two trends!

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Dark Wash Skinny Jeans 1, Dark Wash Cropped Jeans 1, Dark Wash Skinny Jeans 2, Dark Wash Cropped Jeans 2


I know you can afford to think ahead to the fall, and yes, even school for these sweet styles. Go to the Denim Guide yourself now to check out the rest of the trends and styles including the genius Tomboy Style jeans!






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