DIY Flower Crown

What do you think about wearing a flower crown to your prom? Flower crowns are so beautiful, especially with a boho dress, and they’re really easy to make. Scroll down for step-by-step instructions!

Natural-flower-crown Burgundy-floral-crown

Things you’ll need:

  • * Flowers (fresh, silk or any other variety)
  • * Pipe cleaners
  • * Masking tape
  • * Scissors (make sure they can cut through pipe cleaners and flower stems)

Now, it’s time to start!

1. Twist pipe cleaners together in a circle around your head and reinforce with a strip of masking tape at every twist.

2. Cut the stem of each flower to about two thumb-lengths.

(My kitty, Attila, didn’t want to get out of the shot, as you can see.)

3. Take another pipe cleaner and twist it in an X pattern to attach it to the circle. You should have one end of the pipe cleaner on each side of the flower stem.

4. Secure this new pipe cleaner to the circle (i.e., the crown) with a small piece of masking tape.

5. Wrap the ends of the pipe cleaner around the flower stem several times. Cut the excess pipe cleaner once the flower seems adequately secured.

STEP-4 Flower-crown-steps-3-and-4

6. Continue all the way around the circle, adding as many flowers as you like.

And voilà, you’ve got a fabulous flower crown!


When you finish your crown, Instagram it if you’d like (#nordstromprom), and you might just see it on the Instagram feed on the BP. blog!


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