DIY: How to Distress Your Jeans

We all want a pair of perfectly distressed jeans, but we often ask ourselves, “Why buy a pair of ripped jeans when I can just destroy an old pair at home?” This super easy DIY post shows you how to transform a pair of old and boring jeans into new and rad ripped denim.

What you’ll need:

• An old pair of jeans (skinny, bf, cropped…it’s up to you!)
• Scissors (fabric ones work the best)
• Sandpaper
• Tweezers
• Washing machine & dryer


Step 1: Figure out where you want to distress your jeans. I went with the knees, pockets and cuffs.

Step 2: Sandpaper over the areas you want to distress to soften your fabric. This makes the jeans look  worn out and distressed.


Step 3: Cut straight, horizontal slits in your jeans.


Step 4: With tweezers, pull the dark and thicker threads, leaving the thinner ones hanging.


Step 5: I also like to sandpaper over these new slits for more texture. If you see blue fuzz throughout this proccess, don’t worry! The fuzz will come out in the wash.


Step 6: After you’ve cut several areas, throw your jeans into the wash. Wash them with cold water, then toss them into the dryer.


That’s it! A new pair of rugged, distressed jeans!


xo ॐ – Amber

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