DIY: Locket Bracelet

I was recently at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, where I saw the Queen Victoria exhibition. While walking amongst the royalty, I spotted something that caught my eye: one of the queen’s bracelets. It was something she wore constantly, a rosey gold piece of jewelry that had on it an intricate cameo with a picture of each one of the queen’s grandchildren, so she could always be with them.

Obviously I was inspired immediately to create my own such bracelet commemorating my friends (no grandkids for Lils yet) made with as much lurvee but perhaps less royally obtained gold. There has to be a balance.

Here is everything you need to make your own (literally) Victorian bracelet!


Your essential crafting supplies are as listed:

  • A bracelet chain: I chose to get mine at an antique shop for around $10, but you can find them at any craft or fabric store
  • Miniature Lockets
  • Jewelry wire
  • Matte or glossy photo paper
  • Scissors


Since I have yet to develop a relationship with someone who will construct personalized cameos for me (leave a comment if you can), I chose to celebrate my friends by putting each of their pictures in a locket. The locket package should tell you how big each locket is, but if it doesn’t, measure yours and print the pictures on the photo paper so they’ll fit inside. And yes, I did put TSwift in one of the hearts, I know.


After putting or gluing each picture inside each locket, tie a small piece of wire to the hoop attached to the top of the locket.


Loop the wire onto the chain where you want it placed. Make sure you cut the wire as short as possible so you don’t get poked!


When all of your lockets are tied on, you’ll have a bracelet fit for a queen! Okay maybe not like THE queen, but at least you’ll feel like royalty because you will be forever surrounded by love of your best pals. <3

Stay golden,

P.S. But really, if you are skilled at cameo-making, please tell me. xx

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