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I absolutely love decorating and redecorating and decorating the decorations of my bedroom, to the point where there is very little wall space left to be seen in my burrow. Thankfully, I have been handed a new design opportunity: my dorm room! This fall, I’ll be moving into the famed world of college dormitories, and I am absolutely eager to start crafting all of the elements to be hung and draped in my new abode.

For all of you who are in the same University-bound boat as I am, I thought I’d share a few of my tips for creating a dorm room paradise. Plug in the glue gun, sister.


Clare showed you how to make a photo clothesline not too long ago, and the decoration is wonderful for a dorm room. One extra detail you can add is to cut and glue your photos onto white paper to make them look like Polaroids (an idea I adopted from a tutorial on Rookiemag). You can hang the line over your bed or desk in your room! It looks adorable and you can easily change out the pictures- which is important, since you may not have the space to always have all of your fave pics on display.


There are tons of movie stills and magazine cutouts currently on my wall, but I won’t have the room to bring them all with me. Instead, I converted a few of my favorites into more detailed crafts to be hung on my wall! Pick up cheap cardboard ornaments, like these stars, cover them with glitter and Harry Potter cutouts, and you have a comforting addition to your windowsill.


My sister made this box for me, but it is an easy and fun DIY project. Collaging and embellishing can turn an old cardboard box into a little comforting dream world. I’ve filled my box with memories from the past few years: friendship bracelets, concert tickets, photos, corsages etc. It will be a colorful piece of home in my new room.


Again, space is of the essence in dorm rooms, so a pinboard like this one allows you to concentrate Mindy Kaling quotes, One Direction beauty and BFF selfies into a single 8×10 rectangle. You can make this board by picking up a canvas and colorful paper at any art supply store.

Another tip I have: get fake/dry flowers and cacti to add some life to your space. They’re easy to take care of and will remind you of the outside world when you’re inside cramming for midterms.

I can’t wait to move into my new abode. Tell me of any decoration ideas you’re pursuing this fall!

 Stay golden,

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