Eco-Friendly Picks for Earth Day

In a season full of AP tests and dress shopping, it’s easy to let Earth Day pass by as just a regular ol’ Tuesday. But please don’t let it go unnoticed!

People have surely been spewing the usual Earth Day musings at you:
“Plant a tree!”
“Turn off your lights!”
“Take a shorter shower!”

While useful , these tips can feel obvious, righteous and monotonous. While I recognize their importance, I feel like Earth Day can be about more than flipping a single switch—like fashion, for instance. You are all glorious, stylish wonders. So start thinking about the clothes and makeup you wear: How and where were the products made?

Here are some of my favorite stylish, eco-friendly things on the Nordstrom site right now:


Vitamin A Striped Bikini Top

When it comes to “reduce, reuse, recycle,” swimwear company Vitamin A is leading the pack. Their swimsuits are made of recycled nylon fiber and are favorites of Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry and Jessica Alba.


Naya ‘Thalia’ Oxford

Naya always has cute shoes made with “environmentally preferred materials,” like leathers produced in Leather Working Group–rated factories, water-based adhesives, footbeds made from recycled materials, nickel-free hardware, boxes made of 80% recycled paper and reusable shoe bags.

BONUS FACT: Naya’s parent company, Brown Shoe Company, is also tackling the monster issue of excess packaging. All Brown Shoe Company packaging is made from 50% to 100% recycled materials and no virgin materials are used. Plus, they use soy-based ink in their shoeboxes! Sam EdelmanVia SpigaFranco SartoNaturalizer and Dr. Scholl’s are all Brown Shoe Company brands—perfect for a guilt-free shopping spree.


Beaded Leather Stud Earrings | Artisans Anchor Charm Bracelet

Me to We has a bunch of great, sustainably-made jewelry handcrafted by members of the Maasai tribe in Kenya. I especially like these earrings and the anchor charm bracelet.

And not only does Nordstrom carry tons of sustainable, eco-friendly brands, they are actually a founding member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. This is a group of brands, retailers, manufacturers, government and non-governmental organizations, and academic experts working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of clothing and footwear products around the world.



So yes, get outside this Earth day—this Earth week, month and year. But also choose to be fashionably and beautifully sustainable! Remember that clothes that are “kind” to the environment aren’t always made out of trash. Check out the Environmental News Network or National Geographic and educate yourself about green stuff. Happy Earth Day, everyone!

Stay green,

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  • Anonymous April 23, 2014, 11:28 am

    Great picks, Lily!

  • Lily April 23, 2014, 8:06 pm

    Thank you!

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