Teenage Dreams: One-of-a-Kind Looks for Homecoming

Homecoming is the quintessential high school experience. Without the dramatic nostalgia of prom, it is your chance to be bold and fearless and crazy and 17. When shopping for your look this fall, don’t be afraid to be different. It’s awesome to be the only person with a vintage dress, something you can actually DANCE in, something that represents you. Focus on your personal style, not the norm of your school. Ignore any so-called “date drama.” If you aren’t asked, go with a group of friends! Homecoming is a glittery night of teenage freedom, so enjoy it.


I had my friends Adora and Talia help model some homecoming looks. We had an amazing time laughing, dancing and singing. I think with homecoming, simple is better. Less makeup and jewelry can lessen late-night discomfort. Super-heavy jewelry can also limit dancing outbursts, so put your inner Beyoncé first with lighter earrings and bracelets. Try styling your dress with vintage jewelry for a more unique look. Last year I wore one of my grandmother’s old necklaces and received a ton of compliments. Be distinctive with confidence.

My Betsey Johnson dress (below) has pockets, which are a lifesaver for somebody who always loses wallets and purses. If you find a pocket-bearing dress, grab it! They are so helpful.




Nordstrom has dresses that are both magical and dance-able, and they have near-absurd but fun shoes to match. And if heels aren’t your thing, stick with flats. There is nothing wrong with wanting a bit more comfort.



High school is usually the opposite of enchanting, but it gives you one night to free yourself from your teenage hindrances and be wild. So dare to be different, wear your hair down, be simple, have fun. Sing “Love Story” as loud as you can and make the Backstreet Boys choreographer envy your dance moves.

Stay golden,

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  • cece September 20, 2013, 5:16 pm

    hey, do you have your own fashion blog that i can follow?

  • lily September 24, 2013, 3:01 pm

    The BP Blog is actually the only place I post! If I ever start one, I’ll let yah know 🙂

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