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Sometimes I forget that jeans are actually just an item of clothing. To me, jeans have an unearthly, magical quality, a belief I can probably attribute to my addiction to Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsBut America has lived in jeans since the dusty 1800s, women have worked and struggled and learned in them for decades. Jeans are full of life, full of stories.

Levi’s was founded in 1853, so imagine the amount of life within each pair of Levi’s worn in the past 161 years. It’s insane to fantasize about all the adventures and scenes that happened in those pairs of jeans! Levi’s recognizes this beautiful, lively spirit of denim, and their new campaign urges customers to treat their jeans as a part of their life, to live fully in jeans.


My Levi’s have lived mostly in the PNW, walking along the boardwalk accompanied by loafers, occasionally soiled by ice cream or torn by brambles on late-night expeditions.


I’m a huge fan of denim on denim. Not only does the combination allow you to pay homage to Justin and Britney’s seminal fashion statement of the early 2000s, but it wraps you in a double dose of history and life: you’re wearing an unstoppable force of comfort and style.

Check out this Levi’s video highlighting the lives of people in jeans:

We really are all connected through this mystical, powerful world of denim. Grab some Levi’s, then tell me the craziest SOTTP situations that happen in them. 🙂

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