Looking for that Nike Swoosh

Sneakers, tennis shoes, trainers, whatever you call them, have been athletic staples, sure, but they are entering the style world. The wedge sneaker trend was big earlier this year and casual sneakers like Converse have always been popular, so I guess I should not be surprised to see running shoes popping up everywhere. But I confess, I am surprised.


I have always considered athletic gear, especially sneakers, to be in their own secluded realm. To me, they were strictly for working out or sports practice. I would never have thought to pair them with girly dresses, printed jeans, or structured skirts. However, I am super intrigued by this trend; it’s totally growing on me.



What I think is especially interesting is that the brand of choice, the only brand really, is Nike. Of course they are known for their running shoes and basketball high-tops, but they are incredibly popular on the streets, too. They are the only brand I am really seeing, which begs the question: Is it that iconic swoosh that makes all the difference?



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  • Tej August 19, 2013, 8:13 pm

    Hey Brittany, love the post! I would like to comment on the last statement you made about the trend of sneaker wearing being all in the swoosh. Nike’s Swoosh is by far the most recognizable image in the sneaker and athletic gear world, but their subsidiary Jordan continues to make a huge impact on the sneaker world. These shoes have developed a cult following to the point where certain models of Jordan sneakers are immediately sold and resold at upwards of 200% the MSRP, only a few hours after the shoe goes on sale. While only a small deviation because of the relationship of the brands, I find it necessary to mention the Jordan brand when talking about the rise of popularity of athletic shoes because of their fundamental role in it.

  • Brittany, BP Blogger August 20, 2013, 10:15 am

    Tej, insightful as always. Thank you for bringing this up – I cannot dispute the popularity and following of the Jordan line. I mean, there are songs written about them for goodness’ sake. However, my fascination lies in the fact that whether on or off the courts, fields, and tracks, Nike (and their related brands) are still at the forefront. The brand has successfully dominated the athletic and non-athletic sectors of the style world. It’ll be interesting to see how long they remain the leaders of the pack and if they ever officially enter into sartorial worlds beyond athletic wear.

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