Meet Nicole, Regional Merchandiser

For the past couple of years, it’s been a dream of mine to become a Regional Merchandiser (RM) for Nordstrom. The RM visits all the stores in her region—a region covers several states—and helps the staff in each store make their department the best it can be in every way, from sales to displays to in-store events. So you can understand my excitement when I got to interview the RM who supports my store.


Nicole rocking some Starbucks and looking totally on trend

Let’s talk work:

Nicole is responsible for all the stores from New Jersey to North Carolina (my home state). Specifically, she talks to and builds relationships with the managers of the different stores, teaching them selling and coaching techniques. She also meets with them about planning and achieving their goals.

Her favorite cities to visit are Charlotte, North Carolina, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She enjoys the warm weather in Charlotte, as well as the friendly people who live there. According to her, “Walking down the street, everyone smiles and says hello.” I guess it’s just that good old Southern charm! Nicole really likes Philadelphia and the Philly customer because she is very similar to the “New York girl,” who’s trendy and takes risks in the way she dresses.

Nicole’s favorite thing about the position is seeing people get promoted. Because she meets closely with the managers, she gets to watch them fulfill their goals. She also gets to travel, meet lots of different people and see trends all the time.

The hardest thing about being a regional merchandiser, Nicole says, is gearing merchandise toward the different customers up and down the coast. For instance, the “Charlotte girl” is different from the lady who lives in Washington, D.C. Because she approaches her job store by store, it can be difficult at times to pinpoint what each woman wants.

Nicole’s advice for someone who wants to be a regional merchandiser? Always be open to feedback. According to her, there are always opportunities within the company to grow and improve. Keep an open mind and ask tons of questions!

Although she loves her current position, she hopes to one day be in the buying office as an accessories or dress buyer.* Good luck, Nicole!

Let’s talk fashion:

When I asked Nicole how she defines her personal style, she simply said: “All over the place.” She can wear the “girliest pink dress you’ve ever seen” one day, and she will wear a boho cut-out top the next. Her style really depends on her mood when she wakes up the next morning.

Her wardrobe staple? Anything and everything chambray. In her own words, “It can go with anything you could possibly ever own.” It’s become a definite go-to item in her closet.

I had so much fun meeting and interviewing Nicole. Because she travels from store to store, maybe you can meet her, too!

Stay beautiful,

*Read Brittany’s interview with an assistant accessories buyer here.

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  • jerianne Cohen June 28, 2016, 10:39 am

    How do I contact Nicole I have a private line of bathing suits that I want the store to sell thank you for your time Ms Cohen

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