Meet Samantha: The Next New BP. Addition

Hello lovers of fashion! My name is Samantha, and I’m going to be blogging for BP. at Nordstrom for the next year! I am so thrilled to take you on this exciting journey – come along for the ride and hold on tight! Which brings me to my next topic of discussion: tights.

Tights are one of my favorite ways to keep warm during fall and winter—they add instant warmth as well as interest to any outfit. Tights are such a fun, easy and unique way to accessorize, and they’re also a great way to transition your summer clothes into the cooler months.

Tights and shorts

Opaque tights: Tights like these can add a fun pop of color or elongate your legs for shorter girls (like me)!


These Frenchi tights in both black and red are great staple pieces to have in your closet.

Opaque - Nordstrom

Patterned tights: This interesting accessory can definitely make a statement. Small or fine patterns draw attention in a very subtle way, while larger patterns give you a bolder look.

Patterned tights

Check out BP.’s bold and subtle tights for every occasion!

Patterned - Nordstrom

How will you rock your tights?

Stay lovely (and keep warm),


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