Music Review: The Top 5 Best Tracks from the Mockingjay Part 1 Soundtrack

It’s safe to say that the “Hunger Games” reign just won’t let up! The highly successful series released its groundbreaking soundtrack a few weeks ago in support of the new film, which made its debut on the big screen November 21st. [Catch the trailer and Bella’s thoughts on the film.]

The soundtrack was curated by “Royals” songstress LORDE, who has created a phenomenal masterpiece. The soundtrack blends the elements of pop with alternative, indie R&B vibes to leave the listener feeling euphoric. All of the audible art featured on the project is wonderful to me, but I narrowed down my top five songs from the soundtrack below. I would love to hear yours as well so let me know in the comments!

5. Meltdown – Stromae, Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip, Haim
This song was the ideal opener because it’s a precise balance between genres, designed to capture any listeners’ attention. Rapper Pusha T delivers a great verse and Lorde’s earthy vocals bring this track to perfection.

4. The Leap – Tinashe
This song speaks volumes. Myron Birdsong & Tinshe’s writing skills are impeccable. I am always a huge fan of a song that takes you on a journey and this song definitely does. I also love the neo-soul/indie R&B beat.

3. All My Love – Ariana Grande, Major Lazer
This the most mainstream, pop-infused track on the whole soundtrack and with the angelic vocals of Ariana and flawless production of Major Lazer, this song definitely could’ve be a radio single. However, the jungle elements and chants separates this “mainstream pop” song from the average radio single. This is the perfect make-you-feel-good song—at least, that’s exactly what it does for me.

2. Lost Souls – Raury
This selection is sort of bias due to the fact that I am a HUGE Raury fan (lol), but he truly delivers in this record. I love that he raps in a “speaking” voice on his records, it’s almost like he’s having a conversation with the beat. This record gave me Pharrell/Andre 3000 vibes (who are also some of my favorite artists), so that made this record even more enjoyable. From the background vocals to the production of the beat, his creativity is unmatched, which made this an excellent track.

1. Flicker (Kanye West Rework) – Lorde
Speechless. That is what you will be after listening to this MASTERPIECE! This track is honestly flawless, it receives a BP. Fashion Blog Grammy from yours truly because it embodies perfection! Kanye West’s production on the beat provides you with a sound that is sonically unmatched by any artist in the entertainment business today. Lorde’s songwriting skills are beyond amazing; from metaphor to metaphor she really sets the bar high when it comes to being an artist.

Those were my top five favorite cuts from the soundtrack. Again, let me know your favorites below.

– James

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