My Fall Mani: Green with Envy

You may not know that I’m a huge nail polish junkie. I am! For weeks now I’ve been itching to get to the salon to try out a new fall color, and after ruling out darker emeralds, plums and reds, I went with this subtle military green.

Take a look:

As much as I love a nice matte black nail polish, I’ll save that for winter. This light green is the perfect transition from summer to fall.


I can’t help but show off my new phone case a little. My iPhone had been broken for the longest time so in honor of it getting fixed, I treated myself to this new Marc by Marc Jacobs phone case. (Ok, that’s such a bad excuse to get a new phone case, but I had to justify my purchase somehow!) This case is such an interesting item, lots of strangers have stopped me just to tell me how cool they think it is.


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