New Year’s Eve Party Makeup: Ice Queens

There’s something regal about winter: the quiet, the oversized and lavish clothing, the cold. It just makes me imagine a kingdom of ice queens surrounded by stars and arctic foxes, girls who are awake for more hours in the night than the day—whose futuristic regality prevents the chill from overcoming them.


I got two of my friends, Adora and Tali, together to create this magical ice land with dramatic winter makeup and star tiaras. (The NYX ‘All I’ve Ever Wanted’ palette has everything you need to create your own magical looks.)


We used purple and blue and white eye makeup to create the look for these powerful ice women.


These icy, starry makeup ideas are great for New Year’s Eve. Why not go all out and be festive for 2014?! Over-the-top, dramatic eyes are becoming more popular on and off the runway. Worn with simple outfits, they can be a supreme accessory.


This holiday, take a lesson from Beyonce and embrace your inner queen! Go for dramatic, go for playful, have fun with your style and at your parties. 🙂

Stay golden,


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