OOTD: Gladiator Sandals

After seeing the gorgeous Roman-inspired silhouettes at Valentino’s latest haute couture show, I have been utterly inspired to embrace my inner goddess. Check it out:

Beautiful, right? The long, simply constructed pieces and knee-length gladiator sandals make me want to run through the Forum. Although you and I probably can’t snatch one of these lovely gowns from Valentino, there are simple ways to create an equally enchanting look.


For my gladiator OOTD (I imagine an actual gladiator OOTD would consist of, like, armor and weaponry, but you get what I mean), I grabbed a simple navy dress, light brown sandals and a small charm necklace. Dark colors and simple lines are what make Roman-inspired outfits successful.

Quick Tip: If you want gladiators in a hurry, wrap some leather craft band around your leg above your sandals and tie it with a bow behind your calf—no one will be able to tell!


This one-shouldered chiffon dress (Topshop x Kate Moss) definitely gives off Roman toga vibes, but in a chic, modern way, while these fabulous gladiator sandals from BCBG add a silvery twist to a nighttime look.

Every day is a good day to channel a Roman goddess! Who’ve you been inspired by this haute couture season?

Stay golden,

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