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I wouldn’t say that I’m some type of world traveler who jets of to Europe all the time (what 17 year old really is?), but I definitely have had my fair share of epic vacays. But with vacations comes packing, which used to be such a struggle for me. I would overpack, bring all the wrong things, and overall the experience was kinda just bleh. That’s why today I’m showing you guys some of my top tips for packing–hope it helps you out!

Roll your clothes: This is my number one favorite way to pack and you all need to try it. Rolling your clothes allows for so much more room in your suitcase meaning more outfits to choose from on your trip!

Bring things you’ll actually wear: I have read so many articles about what clothing you should bring on a trip and used to always go by those lists. Then I realized I never ended up wearing half the things I brought, either because I didn’t really like some of the pieces or they just weren’t my style. For example, the lists always suggested to bring jeans but I NEVER wear jeans so they would just take up space. So bring things you know you’ll wear and are true to your personal style!

Some pieces I never travel without: Comfy yogas, a colorful pullover, and chic but functional sneakers.


As you can tell, Olive did not want me leaving for this trip…probably because I slip her tortilla chips when nobodies looking!


Happy packing!

Yours Truly,


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