In my family, surfing and all things “boarding” (surfboard, paddleboard, skateboard) are very much a part of our lives and culture. I first learned how to surf when I was 5 years old on my first trip to the Philippines. Many of you might be wondering, how do I surf while living in the Pacific Northwest? Well, the solution is a wetsuit. But since the nearest beach is at least an hour away, paddleboarding is an easy alternative.

I went paddleboarding with my little brother Jimmy, little sister Sofie, my cousin Reba, and my best friend Gabby. We paddleboard along the river but, due to ships passing, we have to paddleboard in coves to prevent getting washed out into the middle of the river with all the boats and ships.

Here are a few pictures from when we went paddleboarding, I encourage everyone to try it. It is super easy to pick up and a great all-body workout.

 HEROCan you find my brother floating by himself, enjoying life off in the distance? (Cue laughing/crying emoji)

Nordstrom_BP_blog_Paddle_BoardingMy cousin had never paddleboarded before, so in this picture she’s mentally preparing herself for potentially falling into the cold river water.

Nordstrom_BP_blog_Paddle_Boarding1The best stance for paddleboarding is to lean a little forward, feet slightly apart and knees slightly bent.



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