Countdown to Prom: Checklist

I’m a lister—checklists, calendars, anything that has bullet points. In other words, I’m kind of an organizational freak. So naturally I put together a schedule of things that need to get done before my prom. (I’m actually going to TWO proms, so it’s imperative that I be on top of things.)

I apologize to all you girls who had your proms in April. If it’s any consolation, this calendar is useful for getting ready for any special event that requires you to  look good for oodles of pictures.


ASAP: As soon as you’ve decided to go to prom or attend a special event, stop eating quite as much junk food. This does not mean go on a starvation diet. It just means that your meals shouldn’t consist of Pop-Tarts and Cheetos, and you should drink a little extra water. This will ensure that your skin is clear and that you don’t look bloated in your fab dress.

1 MONTH-3 WEEKS BEFORE: Find a date and a dress. I honestly think that these two checklist items are of equal importance (okay, maybe scoring a crazy gorgeous dress is of slightly higher priority). If your dress is going to require significant alterations, you may want to allow a week or two more.

AT LEAST 2 WEEKS BEFORE: If you want to use self-tanner and actually see a noticeable difference, I would start a couple weeks before the dance or event. You don’t want to look orange, so if anything use self-tanner to just even out your skin tone (i.e., get rid of those pesky tan lines from spring break).

2 WEEKS- 10 DAYS BEFORE: Make sure all your extras (jewelry, shoes, etc.) are in your possession. That means if you ordered these items online, they better be on your doorstep by then. This gives you adequate time to go shopping if the jewelry or shoes are not what you were expecting or if you simply change your mind.

10 DAYS BEFORE: Start using your Clarisonic religiously. I get really lazy about skincare, but you definitely want your face to be as radiant and flawless as possible for pictures.

A WEEK OR SO BEFORE: Go to a flower shop with your date, and order your corsage and his boutonniere.

A WEEK BEFORE: Get started on white strips or whatever whitening system you prefer. Red lips (or any shade of lipstick for that matter) definitely do not go with a dull smile.

4 DAYS BEFORE: Do a makeup test-run. Even if you’re having your makeup professionally done, you do not want to end up with something you completely hate. A few days gives you time to adjust if needed.

PRO TIP: Remember to pick a foundation WITHOUT SPF in it. This is surprisingly hard to find due to some sort of skincare legislation, but it’s worth it because SPF gives you that kind of pale, ghostly effect when a camera flash is used.

2 DAYS BEFORE: Get your nails done. I would definitely suggest getting shellac (if you have the extra cash to spend) or anything that’s hardier than normal nail polish (gel, acrylic, etc). Otherwise, you run the risk of your nails chipping before the big day.

ON THE DAY: Do your hair and makeup, and slip into that lovely dress. Make sure your camera is all charged up, then go have fun with your friends. 🙂

After the crazy prom scramble, I can’t wait to just relax and enjoy my last few days of high school!



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