Remembering 9.11/ Navajo Sweaters

    Today we remember the tragedy that occured in our country exactly 11 years ago. Even though I was only in first grade when the World Trade Centers were hit, I will never forget that day. So in my blog today, I would like to honor all of those who lost their lives on 9/11/2001.

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    While looking for pictures, I came across these TOMS that someone decorated. What a creative way to remember this day.



    Onto the fashion portion of my blog, I would like to note that it finally feels like fall where I live! Fall is my favorite season because not only do I love the cool weather, I also love fall fashion the best! The temperature keeps dropping, especially in the morning and night, and so I am already starting to layer. My favorite thing to layer on over my outfits in the fall is a sweater. This fall, I am looking to Navajo and other tribal print sweaters that go along with the New Frontier theme..

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    I love this idea of pairing your sweater with some fringe boots or moccasins (that I recently blogged about). Add a braided headband to complete the look!


    Wear your sweater over shorts and a tee now because the temperature is still typically high during the day. As you go to more Friday night football games and October rolls around though, wear your sweater with some leggings or skinnies and your favorite pair of boots!

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        I especially love the really long sweaters. I am already seeing that longer lengthened tops are becoming very popular. I like this trend because I think longer tops are more comfortable to wear with leggings or jeggings. When you're shopping for all your fall must-haves, keep tribal patterned sweaters in mind!





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