Rules Are Made to Be Broken: Part 1

When I was growing up,  my mother always preached about fashion rules.  “Never wear white after Labor Day,” and, “No boots in the summer,” are just a few of her old-fashioned favorites. Nowadays, however, these “fashion rules” are broken left and right. Some of these age-old “no-nos” are even in style! Now is the time to be rebellious. Let’s explore, shall we?

1. Don’t wear boots in the summer


Boots are no longer just a winter shoe. Personally, I love the look of boots with shorts and skirts. They may not keep your feet cool, but they’re absolutely adorable.

2. Don’t mix navy and black.


For the longest time, I had a lot of trouble getting over this rule. However, this year I have found a new appreciation for those who can mix black and navy tastefully.

3. Sequins and beads are only for night.


Sequins no longer have to shine in the dark. This summer, there has been an abundance of shiny tops, skirts and dresses specifically designed for daytime. I love this sheer, beaded tank paired with neon skinnies.

4. Sheer is tacky.


If it is sheer or see-through, it’s mostly likely on the shelf of some store this season. Showing off a little bit of skin used to have a social stigma, but now it’s totally trendy.

5. Don’t wear leather in the summer.


This fashion rule couldn’t be more wrong. Leather has been a huge trend for this past spring and summer, and it’s not going away any time soon. From small details to entire pieces, leather for hot weather is in.

Check back on Saturday for part two of “Rules Are Made to Be Broken.”

Stay rebellious,

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  • Erin August 9, 2013, 8:18 pm

    Incredible writing & extremely good pictures! Don’t know how you do so much great blogging 😉

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